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Mighty Maniax: Horror & Gaming Inspired Glyos Action Figures Now on Kickstarter!

Mighty Maniax is a new line of 3″ Glyos action figures inspired by cartoons and videos games of the ’80s and ’90s.

Decades ago, cartoons were made from toys, and video games were made from cartoons. Its always been a dream of mine to bring a world like Masters of the Universe, Transformers, or TMNT to life. Mighty Maniax is being created in that same spirit. This is a new 3″ line of action figures inspired by vintage collectibles like, Battle Beasts, Army Ants, and Hasbro era WWF figures. Heavily influenced by video games and cartoons of the ’80s and ’90s, these characters represent a wild world of action, horror, and sci-fi fantasy. Johnny Tombstone is the main character and hero of the Mighty Maniax world. His supernatural abilities to sense evil and destroy it are unparalleled. Equipped with an Evo-cannon and containment pack, he sets out to balance the forces of good and evil with the most unlikely of companions.


Among his band of misfit monsters are Fishstik, a hyper-intelligent water creature, and Viper, a fast-talking Ninja by day; deadly Werewolf by night. Enter a world of frightening monsters and mighty heroes with the all new Mighty Maniax action figures.


Mighty Maniax Wave One

Toy molds are expensive! From a 12″ figure to these smaller 3″ figures, it takes a large amount of funding to get them made. We are looking to KickStarter backers to raise the funds to cover the molds and production for this creator-owned line of toys.

1988 Lamborghini Countach Not Included.

Each Mighty Maniax figure comes with 1 body, 3 character heads, and has 10 points of articulation. Swap the heads out to change up the look of each figure, or interchange any part to create new characters.

Monster figures feature Maniac Morphing to change visual form from scales to fur, or even fire with different colors and heads. Get the Slasher Weapons Pack to add even more attitude to your figures.

All figures will feature the Glyos joint system. If you’re new to Glyos, you may be wondering what that means.



Glyos Size Chart (Left to Right: Toy Pizza, Battle Tribes, Mighty Maniax, Onell Design, Onell Design, and Spaced Out Design)

The Glyos System features a simple peg & socket joint system known as the “Fit Function” that makes them completely interchangeable with one another, allowing for limitless build options. Created by Onell Design, this unique joint system is only made available to Glyos approved toy makers. Rocom Toys has been working closely with Onell Design to ensure that Mighty Maniax figures fit right into the Glyos world while also maintaining their original voice and attitude.

Mixed parts Glyos build including Mighty Maniax, Toyfinity, and Onell Design pieces.

With Glyos joints, any of the toys shown above can share parts for new character creations. Its almost like LEGO for action figures! For more insight into the world of Glyos, check out the detailed video below made by The Crafsman.

Growing up in the ’90s wouldn’t be the same without 16-Bit video games played on the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis systems. When cinematographer, Joel Benner, and video-game coder, Matt Cooper, approached Rocom Toys with the opportunity to make a classic 16-Bit side-scroller, there was no question that it had to be for Mighty Maniax.

Mighty Maniax: The Video Game features 16-Bit Graphics With Modern Gameplay.

What Rocom Toys created is an action-packed, spooky, shoot ’em up with a Contra meets Ghosts ‘N Goblins vibe, all to the retro synthwave sounds of All The Damn Vampires. The music created for the game throws you right back into the ’80s with the single “Johnny’s Revenge.”

“Johnny’s Revenge” Album Artwork

In the single-level, downloadable-demo, you play as Johnny Tombstone. Travel through creepy graveyards, and haunted forests as you blast away waves of bats, monsters, and possessed tombstones! The ultimate dream is to eventually make an 8-level, full-length video game for the Nintendo Switch, or other consoles. The video game demo comes FREE with every reward including a Mighty Maniax figure.

Death Jaguar Add-On Accessories Stretch Goal

Rocom Toys started in 2018 after the success of the Death Jaguar Vinyl Toy Kickstarter. With hundreds of units sold, we began working with illustrators and artists to develop new toys that are unlike any other. Tom Neely’s “Henry & Glenn Forever” Anime Robots, and last year’s “Future Me” by Alex Pardee, both got vinyl toy treatments from their own successful Kickstarter campaigns. You can always check in on what we are up to on the Rocom Toys Instagram account @rocomtoys, or the new Mighty Maniax page @mightymaniax. This is our 4th toy campaign and we are hoping that, with your help, it will be another successful one!

Mutant Soldiers (Photo by Quang Le)

There are a few ways to back this project. Rewards range from a digital download of the Mighty Maniax theme song by All The Damn Vampires to a fully playable single-level demo of Mighty Maniax: The Video Game.

Exclusive Enamel Pin Designed by Tom Whalen

Early bird reward tiers will ship with an exclusive enamel pin designed by Tom Whalen! These are limited items and are only available while supplies last.

Trading Card Artwork(From Left to Right) by Ben Templesmith, Johnny Ryan, Tyler Jacobs, and Patrick Gleason.

Some incredible illustrators have lended their talents to create exclusive Mighty Maniax Artist Edition Trading Cards. Every figure purchased will come with a limited edition mystery card from one of the following artists: Tom Neely, Johnny Ryan, Ben Templesmith, Megan Hutchison Cates, Chloe Rice, Witchhaus, Christopher Ulrich, Bagger43, Tyler Jacobs, Kyle Wlodgya, Abraham Lopez, Megan Risk, Kelly Turnbull, or Patrick Gleason.

Photo by Quang Le

Multiple figure purchases will come with multiple cards. Wave One rewards will ship with the full set of Artist Edition trading cards, and some backers will also have the option to add their name to the video game credits! Backing any amount is very appreciated, and if this project isn’t for you, please consider sharing it with a friend that may be interested. Here are all of the rewards we have in-store once the project is fully funded!

Head over to KICKSTARTER now to back the project!