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Mezco ONE:12 Collective Moon Knight Figure Up for Order!

Mezco Toyz had two trump cards up their sleeve at New York Toy Fair 2019, where they quietly snuck two unannounced Marvel ONE:12 Collective figures into their product catalog. One of the two was Gambit, and the other is Khonshu’s Fist himself, Marc Spector! Mezco has had squat to say about either of those characters since Toy Fair, but today we get the full details and a variety of official photos of one of them—because the ONE:12 Collective Moon Knight 6” figure is now up for order! Is this the definitive 6” Moon Knight?

Mezco ONE12 Collective Moon Knight Action Figure 2019I’m half ashamed to admit that even though I absolutely adore Moon Knight’s character design and snap up basically any collectibles that come along for the character, I have really enjoyed and consistently read a Moon Knight comic book series in many years. And I don’t think I’m alone in this, as poor Marc Spector’s comics tend to be canceled soon after they’re launched every few years.

Luckily, Mezco Toyz doesn’t seem to be adverse to taking a risk on a character who’s not exactly tearing up the monthly sales charts, as their latest 6” figure is in fact a ONE:12 Collective Moon Knight!

ONE 12 Collective Moon Knight Figure Holding StaffMy eyes just about fell out of their sockets when I unexpectedly spotted this guy in the NY Toy Fair catalog in February, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting news about the toy ever since. How’s he looking in the official photos…? Marvelous!

Moon Knight Mezco ONE 12 Collective FigureClad from head-to-toe in a gorgeous silvery white costume, Moon Knight will stand out from every other Mezco action figure on your shelf. The mixture of white and silver design elements is super striking, and I think Mezco has nailed the colors here better than any company has before.

ONE12 Collective Moon Knight Figure and AccessoriesWhile there’s no interchangeable bird skull head (we’ve gotta get a variant with the bird skull head—we just gotta), basically everything else you’d want a Moon Knight action figure to come with is included: Marc Spector head, nunchucks, grappling hook baton, double-pointed staff, crescent blade, retracted hood… not to mention eight interchangeable hands and the obligatory deluxe figure stand!

Mezco ONE 12 Collective Moon Knight Figure JumpingThe soft goods cape looks tremendous, the color scheme is perfection, and the proportions and piercing blue eyes look straight out of the comics. There haven’t been all that many 1:12 scale Moon Knight figures over the years, so I don’t think it’ll be controversial to say that this one is easily the best ever done. I like both the Hasbro modern MK and the Toybiz classic MK Legends figures, but this version is on a whole other level (as it ought to be, given the price).

Close-Up of Mezco Moon Knight Head Sculpt ONE 12 CollectiveThe only genuine bad news I can report about this ONE 12 Collection Moon Knight is that it’s going to be at the minimum price Mezco is allowed to have for the line according to their license: 80 bucks. And as it’s a condition of the license, retailers are not allowed to discount that amount for pre-orders (although EE does offer free shipping at least).

We’ve seen more and more of these Mezco ONE:12 Collective Marvel figures priced at $90 and up over the last year, so I’m glad that MK is at the $80 minimum. Even so, 80 smackers is still a lot of money to pay for a six inch action figure, and many collectors won’t be willing to pay that for a character who’s not exactly a top-tier headliner.

Mezco Toyz Marvel ONE 12 Collective Moon Knight Figure on GargoyleThe Mezco Moon Knight ONE:12 Collective figure is now up for pre-order, and is scheduled to be released in Q4 2019. It’s always hard to predict whether a Marvel ONE:12 Collective figure will sell out early and go for big bucks or sit around after release and go on clearance, but with this being a rather niche character, if you’re a huge fan of Marc Spector and know for sure you want one, might as well reserve one now.

What do you think of the first-ever high-end Moon Knight action figure, Marvel collectors? Is this a personal favorite you’re willing to shell out eighty bills for, or are you keeping to only A-List characters in your Mezco Toyz collection?

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