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Mezco ONE:12 Collective Magneto Figure Photos & Order Info!

While the Mezco Marvel ONE:12 Collective series has been going strong (and growing a rabid following) for over three years now, we’ve only had a singular comic book villain solicited for the line in all that time: two versions of the Red Skull. But Mezco Toyz is bringing on a bad guy for their latest pre-order, as the Master of Magnetism they debuted a prototype of over 10 months ago is finally officially on the way: the ONE:12 Collective Magneto figure is now up for order!

Magneto ONE 12 Collective Marvel Mezco FigureWhereas Wolverine begins almost any series of X-Men collectibles these days, Magneto tends to appear quickly after him. Whether it be Sideshow or Square-Enix or Kaiyido Revoltech, the pattern of Magneto appearing almost immediately after Logan has repeated many times over the past few years.

Mezco Toyz appeared to buck that trend by soliciting Cyclops and Cable many months before him, but at last, Magneto is taking his place as just the second ONE:12 Collective Marvel Comics villain (MCU Hela absolutely does not count) to go up for sale!

Side View of Marvel ONE 12 Collective Magneto FigureThat said, I always do my best to call every figure and statue I see announced exactly as I see them—and I’m just a mite underwhelmed by this Mezco Magneto ONE:12 Collective figure.

Magneto Mezco Toyz Figure with Disassembled Gun Effects PieceDon’t get me wrong; I think he looks nice and all—but maybe not nice enough to warrant 80 bucks in my eyes. The tailoring on the classic red costume looks very well-done, but there seem to be relatively few accessories included here compared to what Mezco Toyz often spoils us with.

ONE 12 Collective Magneto Figure and AccessoriesThe ONE:12 Collective Magneto figure will include three magnetic effects piece hands (one of which with an awesome partially disassembled gun effect attached), an interchangeable unmasked head, six interchangeable hands, a display base and… well, that’s it.

Mezco ONE 12 Collective Magneto Figure FlyingFor a character whose whole deal is being able to manipulate metal, it would’ve been really nice to get some little steel girders (like the ones shown in the promo photos) or other little metal objects for Magneto to use as weapons. The magnetic effects are actually magnetic, so you can do it yourself I suppose, but I’d rather have some neat 1:12 pack-ins included.

Mezco ONE12 Collective Magneto Action Figure Using PowersThe fabric cape having wires in it for posing does score some bonus points with me, though. I don’t know that every cape necessarily needs wires, but that feature makes sense in this instance.

Unhelmeted Magneto ONE 12 Collective FigureThe helmeted Magneto head looks great, in my opinion, though I’m surprised the helmet is non-removable. I don’t like the included unhelmeted portrait at all—the likeness just isn’t there.

Close-Up of Magneto Mezco ONE 12 Collective Action FigureTwo more heads were shown in previous catalog photos, but those aren’t included here. Upcoming Mezco Exclusive Magneto variants, anyone…? (Personally, I’d like the Marvel NOW White costume, but the NOW Black costume would be okay as well. And hey, how about a Hellfire Club variant? That’d be pretty swell, right?)

Mezco Toyz One12 Collective Magneto Action Figure with Effects PiecesThe Mezco Toyz Magneto ONE:12 Collective figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released sometime in Q4 2019. There hasn’t been an early sell-out from this line in a while, so if you’re not 100% sure this Erik Lehnsherr is for you, you probably have a while still to make up your mind before reserving one. Retailers aren’t permitted to price below the $80 MSRP, but EE is offering free shipping at least.

What do you think of this release, Marvel collectors? Is this ONE12 Collective Magnus enough of an upgrade from your Hasbro Marvel Legends version to warrant dropping 80 smackers on, or are you satisfied with your $20 ML iteration? And presuming Gambit is the next PO in the X-Men series, who would you like to see Mezco move on to after the Ragin’ Cajun?

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