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Mezco ONE:12 Collective Cyclops X-Men 6″ Figure Up for Order!

The old Toybiz X-Men Series 1 Cyclops figure was one of the very first X-Men toys I ever bought in my life, so I’ve loved Cyclops figures with light-up visors ever since I was a kid. Hasbro has made some very nice Marvel Legends Cyclops figures over the last few years, but none of them have featured that cool, no-brainer action feature. But Mezco Toyz just may have cooked up the ultimate Jim Lee Cyke: the ONE:12 Collective Cyclops figure is now up for order! And not only does he light up—he’s got the effects pieces I’ve waited all my life for…

Mezco Toyz X-Men Cyclops Action FigureIt’s taken a little while for Mezco to get the X-Men branch of their popular ONE:12 Collective series started, but with Wolverine and Deadpool now in peoples’ hands, we can finally start to see more X-characters roll out like Cyclops, Cable and Magneto.

Mezco Toyz likes to release variant costumes of almost every single character they do in ONE 12 Collective, but they’ve wisely chosen the 90s X-Men Jim Lee Cyclops costume for this figure (following in the footsteps of last year’s Hasbro ML version).

Mezco Toyz Cyclops ONE 12 Collective FigureAfter the backlash to the trunks on last year’s Wolverine figure, Mezco has apparently decided to forgot the yellow trunks on Cyclops altogether. I’m honestly not bothered by that, as I think it would look like a diaper in soft goods, but YMMV.

ONE12 Collective Cyclops Figure Wearing JacketWhile he lacks the trunks, we do get what looks like an expertly-tailored brown biker jacket with this figure—complete with a functional zipper! I’m a bit worried about the fragility of a zipper in this scale, but the jacket seems pretty excellent in the promo photos.

Mezco Toyz ONE 12 Collectible Cyclops Six inch FigureThe aforementioned light-up visor electronic function that this figure features is neat, but where Mezco really got my attention is with the other accessories—including three very enticing effects pieces.

Light Up Visor Cyclops Mezco ONE 12 Collective FigureEver wanted a Cyclops figure with a smoking visor (post going Full Blast)? Well, now you can have one! Not an accessory it would have ever occurred to me to ask for, but now that I’ve seen it, I love it.

Mezco Cyclops Figure Using Optic Blast Effects PieceBut what I have always wanted and asked for is snap-on optic blast effects pieces—and Mezco delivers in a big way with two different-sized effects! For those who just want a standard-sized blast, there’s the plain old “Optic Blast SFX Visor”. I think this is what most folks will opt for in a battle diorama.

Cyclops ONE 12 Collective Figure Mega Optic Blast VisorBut for those who think bigger is better and wanna get a bit wilder, Mezco is also including the “Mega Optic Blast SFX Visor” which looks vastly more powerful and is about twice as wide and long as the regular SFX Visor!

Jim Lee Cyclops ONE 12 Collective Mezco FigureFor my money, these are ridiculously awesome and unique effects pieces that I’ve always wanted. To be frank, I like these accessories more than the base figure itself!

In addition to the switch-out visors, you also get six interchangeable hands, the usual display base figure stand with posing pole, and an alternate “screaming’ head for Cyclops to display maximum aggro with!

Mezco ONE 12 Collective Cyclops Figure and AccessoriesThe downside to all the cool extras this Slim Summers action figure comes with (and the electronic feature) is that they’ve caused his price-point to jump up. Whereas your typical ONE 12 Collective figure retails for 80 bucks, Cyclops has an MSRP of $100.

20 bucks is a lot of money for a couple of effects pieces and a light-up visor. Do those extras warrant $20 more? Probably not—but they’re worth something, and I’m willing to give Mezco perhaps a bit more than necessary to have them.

Mezco Cyclops X-Men ONE 12 Collective FigureThe Mezco ONE:12 Collective Cyclops figure is now up for order with free shipping at EE, and is scheduled to be released in February-April 2019. Given the popularity of the leader of the X-Men and the fact that this is his most popular and iconic look, I’d anticipate Cyke pre-selling out long before this figure ships.

What do you think of Mezco Toyz’ take on Scott Summers, X-Men fans? Is this the definitive Legends-scale Cyclops, and are you willing to drop 5 times the cost of a ML figure to own this ONE:12 Collective Version?

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