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@MegoCorp and @Hasbro Team-Up for #GIJoe #MakeMineMego

July 22, 2021 Great Neck, NY – MegoCorp HQ -“Yo Joe-Mego!!” Can you say “epic collaboration?!!?” Iconic toy brands, Mego and Hasbro, have come together to bring two of the most famed characters from the storied G.I. JOE mythos to action figure fans in the brand new Mego style! Ultra-realistic detail – ! Multiple character specific accessories – !
Mego and G.I. JOE style combined – ! Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow will be the first Mego figures released with the all-NEW bandless body with 26 points of articulation!!
The Mego/Hasbro – G.I.JOE Ninja Rivals: Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow 2 pack are available for pre-order on Hasbro Pulse now. “Now ya know … and knowing is half the battle!