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McFarlane Warhammer 40K Action Figure Details Revealed

Following the release of Bandai’s first-ever action figure from Game Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 universe (see our review HERE), new details on McFarlane Toys‘ upcoming series have been revealed.

First announced back at Toy Fair in February (HERE), McFarlane’s Warhammer 40K series will launch with 7-inch action figures of an Ultramarines Primaris Assault Intercessor (with heavy bolt pistol and chainsword) and a Necron Warrior (with Gauss Flayer and a Canoptek Scarab). Both figures will feature 22-points of “Ultra Articulation”, detailed weapons, squad insignia, and Warhammer 40,000-themed window box.


In addition to these two fully-painted figures, McFarlane Toys will also release a DIY unpainted Space Marine Primaris Intercessor armed with a Bolt Rifle. The blue Ultramarines chapter not to your liking? Paint the figure Imperial Fists yellow or Space Wolf grey.

Stay glued for further details, including pricing and release date.


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