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@MattelCreations : Frank Kozik x MEGA Collaboration

This morning Mattel announces their next project released through Mattel Creations.  Today’s announcement features a new line called MEGA Collabs, which fuses creations from artists with a MEGA builder to deliver a collection of exclusive items.  Today they are unveiling the first item — the MEGA Collabs Labbit.

Graphic artist and collectible designer pioneer, Frank Kozik, teams-up with MEGA designers to develop a block construction kit to build your own Labbit. Labbit started in the 90s as rock show poster art, and has since transformed into a three dimensional vinyl figure which established a cult following. This new evolution is the first time fans can build their very own Labbit, complete with signature accessories and design elements. The Labbit is known for having a myriad of variants, but fans have never seen one like this because they don’t just admire it, they have to build it!

Frank Kozik was key in creating this new form-factor for the iconic figure. Kozik states, “Labbit was originally inspired by the shift into creating three-dimensional art in the 90s, and the collaboration with MEGA now brings it to the buildable construction medium for the first time. By partnering with MEGA designers to make a build-your-own Labbit, we created a new experience for fans and expanded the play value.”

The MEGA Collabs Labbit will be available for sale starting Friday, November 13 at 12pm ET/9am PT on Mattel Creations.

About Frank Kozik:

A prolific artist with 40 years of creating and shaping pop culture, Frank Kozik is the CCO of Kidrobot, North America’s premier Designer Toy brand. As a lifelong toy collector, Kozik was heavily influenced by Harajuku toy makers of the 90’s – this is where the original concept for the “Smorkin’ Labbit” arose. Created in ’97, Labbit was Kozik’s desire to pursue a character as iconic as Hello Kitty, but with a more tongue-in-cheek sensibility. Eminently successful, Labbit follows a design aesthetic that pops with personality, while still offering enough ambiguity for its ‘owner’ to imbue it with their own sensibility. Kozik notes that the MEGA™ Collabs Labbit mirrors his own lifelong fascination with collage, as it works to further strengthen the bond between ‘toy/character’ and its owner through the building process.