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Mattel Creations – Masters of the Universe Mash-up

Mattel Creations, an e-commerce and content platform that features curated products, highlights creator collaborations – both past and present – and offers a peek into Mattel’s creative process, is unveiling its latest mash-up TODAY!


The global platform offers Mattel brands as a canvas to some of the most innovative creators of today and tomorrow. Mattel Creations is bringing back the iconic Shogun Warriors silhouette, as a new modern classic canvas for collaboration. In case you didn’t know, the Shogun Warrior was born from the permeation of international culture (Japanese to be specific) in the states. The reintroduction of Shogun is a nod to the continued global convergence of culture thanks to the growth of the internet and social media – ideas have never been exchanged faster.


Photographer. David Chickering

This new toy, developed exclusively for Mattel Creations, is a global canvas for collaboration across all types of cultural backgrounds. The menacing result of this latest mash-up is this giant Shogun Masters™ Skeletor® action figure, which pulls out all the stops and draws from giant Japanese robot toy designs, the Jumbo Machinder.

Photographer. David Chickering

Photographer. David Chickering

Fans of Japanese anime, manga and Masters of the Universe will want to call upon the power of Grayskull to add this fearsome figure to their collection. Shogun Masters™ Skeletor® stands nearly 2 feet tall and is instantly recognizable. It’s battle ready with missile-powered weapons that include one of his massive fists and his iconic Havoc Staff. This robot warrior carries 8 missiles that can be used as ammunition or snapped onto his boots and body armor.

Photographer Jason Tidwell
Stylist Jen Hoon

About the designer:

Ruben Martinez was introduced to Shogun Warriors when he was a kid. Ruben’s love of these mechs led him to eventually work for Mattel where he is now Senior Manager on Masters of the Universe and sits at a desk adorned with giant mech toys. Because Mattel was one of the first to introduce U.S. children to Japanese toys with Shogun figures and also the pioneers who created Masters of the Universe, a Shogun Skeletor is the perfect pairing of two iconic lines.


About Mattel Creations

To celebrate 75 years of Mattel’s creative legacy and garage spirit, Mattel Creations was launched as a canvas for the most innovative creators of today and tomorrow. Mattel Creations, a global e-commerce and content platform, features curated items for sale, highlights creator collaborations – past and present, and offers a peek into the creative process. By offering these iconic brands such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price and Masters of the Universe, Mattel invites the world to play with these brands – where toys are art, and art is inspired by toys.