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Marvel Sofbinal Venom Vinyl Figure 16″ Statue Announced by Sentinel!

New York Toy Fair is such an immense spectacle of toy reveals and announcements that it’s veritably impossible to cover everything that premieres at the event. And one item that I didn’t have the opportunity to talk about that debuted at the 2019 Toy Fair in unpainted form is now ready to be officially shown off in all its surprising glory: the Sentinel Marvel Sofbinal Venom Statue is now up for order! If you never thought you’d be interested in a soft vinyl figure, this just might change your mindset…

Sentinel Marvel Sofbinal Figure Venom StatueThe Marvel Statue market is getting more and more crowded every year, and now is Sentinel is getting launch another series into the collecting sphere: Marvel Sofbinal! Okay, I admit it: “Sofbinal” is not exactly a catchy name that’s likely to incite excitement in collectors’ hearts. But what it lacks in style, it makes up for by basically outright stating what these statues are: soft vinyl figures.

While I own a massive number of Funko POP Vinyls figures, I’ve never felt like high-end soft vinyl figures that cost hundreds of dollars is anything that I need in my life. But that may have all changed based off of the immense, insane-looking Sofbinal Venom figure that Sentinel has solicited this week!

Back View of Sentinel Marvel Venom Sofbinal Vinyl StatueI wasn’t able to get details regarding this figure when I saw it in New York City in February, but I’ve been watching for its solicitation ever since. Why? Because it’s not just the best soft vinyl figure I’ve ever seen—it’s one of the best Venom figures that I’ve ever seen of any type!

Venom Sofbinal Figure Scale Size Comparison PhotoDespite being crouched over, Sentinel’s Venom Statue is still a huge 15.75” tall, which puts it somewhere around the 1/4th scale (even if it’s not to any exact scale). That is humongous for a soft vinyl figure.

Venom Sentinel Sofbinal Vinyl FigureAnd at a price of just $209, it’s also a pretty outstanding value! I think Sentinel may have found a price-point and size combination that collectors are really going to find worthwhile.

Close-Up of Sentinel Sofbinal Venom PVC FigureAnd while the general perception when one hears the term “vinyl figure” may be a style that’s simplistic and super-deformed, this is one of the most incredibly detailed Venom statues that I have ever seen. Seriously, the design and textures of this symbiote put to shame a lot of higher-end resin pieces that have come before it.

Alternate Eddie Brock Head on Sofbinal Venom Statue…But wait, there’s more! Sentinel is also including an extra, interchangeable head for this figure that features an Eddie Brock portrait in mid-transformation! This head is absolutely gnarly, and reminds me of the DST Gallery Venom’s head from last year—just in a larger size with enhanced attention to detail possible. Absolutely love this.

Sentinel Venom Vinyl Figure Marvel SofbinalThe Sentinel Venom Sofbinal figure is now available for pre-order, and is scheduled to be released in August 2019. I had zero intention of getting into any new Statue lines this year—and certainly not any soft vinyl figure lines—but this Venom has been on my mind ever since I saw it in February and I’m definitely getting an itchy finger to hit the order button. I’m very interested to see how this turns out!

What do you think about this first entry in the Sentinel Sofbinal series, Marvel collectors? How Sentinel captured your attention with this insanely detailed Venom statue, and what characters would you like to see them set their sights on for future additions to their soft vinyl range?

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