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Marvel Select War Machine! Weapon H Statue! Daredevil & Black Widow Busts!

March 2024 had rushed past, which means that another wave of new solicitations for Marvel collectibles is upon us from Diamond Select Toys. And with no New York Toy Fair last month, this time all of the newly revealed DST Marvel items are ones we had no idea were coming! Arriving later this year, the Marvel Select War Machine, Animated Daredevil Bust, MCU Black Widow bust and the first-ever Weapon H Hulk statue are all up for order now!

Marvel Premier Collection Weapon H Hulk Statue

The biggest shocker—with the biggest price tag—of this batch of pre-orders is unquestionably the resin Marvel Premier Collection Weapon H statue. Weapon Hulk is a relatively new character created in 2017 by Greg Pak as part of his Amadeus Cho Totally Awesome Hulk run. A sort of hybrid character of Hulk, Wolverine, Domino, Sabretooth and more, Weapon H has only made a dozen or so appearances since his inception.

Weapon H Premier Collection Statue

What Weapon Hulk lacks in star power, he makes up for in cool looks and just plain being a Hulk. People love Hulks, and this is a LE 1000 statue of a Hulk never done before in action figure or statue form. $250 is an incomparable value for an 11” resin statue these days, and with the low edition size, I can see this being a genuine surprise early sellout success for Diamond Select.

Marvel Select War Machine Action Figure DST 2024

And speaking of successes, I don’t think there’s much doubt that DST’s comic-based War Machine Select figure is going to be a hit. The alternate Rhodey head is terrific, and this figure will display nicely with the various Marvel Select armors released in recent years like Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo and Silver Centurion.

War Machine Select Figure Unmasked Rhodey Head with Blast Effects

Although Hasbro has done some great 6” Marvel Legends War Machine figures at this point, DST is bringing some great features to the table such as the ability to convert between Mark 1 and Mark 2 War Machines, and removable blast effects for the shoulder mounted cannon and Gatling gun. The sculpting and plastic colors on this look superb—this is another all-around Select offering.

Diamond Select Toys Animated Daredevil Mini Bust

The last two items in the new solicits are a pair of limited mini busts from Marvel multimedia: a Spider-Man: The Animated Series Daredevil bust and an MCU movie Black Widow bust. Both are more limited than usual for their respective lines, with 2000 pieces for Daredevil and just 1000 for Black Widow.

Spider-Man Animated Daredevil Bust Side View

I’ve been hoping to see more women represented in the 1:2 Legends in 3D line, so I was a bit gutted to see Natasha chosen for the 1/6 scale line instead. Hopefully this performs well and we also see more females in the larger busts series as well.

Black Widow Mini Bust MCU Diamond Select Toys

I think the costume and face on the Black Widow bust are both nice, though the pose feels a bit contrived to me. It’s a shame DST didn’t launch this MCU 1:6 bust line 7-8 years ago, as it would have been immensely popular then.

Diamond Select Black Widow Movie Mini Bust Side View

The Spider-Man TAS Daredevil bust features the cel-shaded style from the show and a dynamic “spinning Billy club” right hand. I think the cel-shaded look is more appealingly executed here than on the new Marvel Legends figure, and I think this is a good character to try to boost the 90s Spidey Animated bust line that has not gotten off to a spectacular start. I really want to see this piece actually produced, unlike that cancelled Animated Green Goblin from last year.

Marvel Select War Machine Figure Weapon H Hulk Statue Daredevil & Black Widow Busts

The April 2024 solicited Diamond Select Toys collectibles are now up for pre-order, and expected to arrive toward the end of 2024. What new items, if any, interest you from this latest round of DST items, Marvel collectors?

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