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Marvel MAFEX Gwenpool Figure Up for Order & Photos!

Medicom dropped the jaws of Marvel collectors around the world earlier this winter, when they revealed that their first-ever Marvel comics-based MAFEX figure was going to be none other than… the Unbelievable Gwenpool?! (Yup—that is pretty unbelievable!) I really thought Medicom might backtrack and actually start their new Marvel MAFEX line with a different character, but now it’s official that she’s kicking off the line: the Marvel MAFEX Gwenpool 6” figure is now up for order!

Medicom MAFEX Marvel Gwenpool Figure PointingJust in time for Hasbro to presumably start allowing stores to take orders for the Marvel Legends Lizard Series (almost certainly within the next 10 days), Medicom is ready to start taking orders for their own impending figure of the Lizard Wave’s headliner: Gwenpool!

While Medicom has been releasing Marvel movie MAFEX 6” figures for a while (including the Spider-Man Homecoming MAFEX figure that’s become hugely in-demand), they’re heading into the comic book real for the first time with a surprising modern character in Gwen Poole.

Gwenpool Medicom MAFEX Six inch Figure ScaredYes, you read that right. Just so we’re all on the same page here: Gwenpool is not any version of Gwen Stacy. Gwenpool is actually Gwen Poole (no, really), a totally different character in her own right.

Back of Medicom Gwenpool Mafex FigureI haven’t been a huge fan of Gwenpool in any of the comics I’ve read with her in them—and her comic book series is actually getting cancelled this winter—but toy manufacturer’s seem to see big bucks in the character, which may be why we’re getting 6” versions from multiple companies this year.

2018 Marvel Legends Gwenpool FigureWhile I’m not a fanboy for this character (at all), I thought the Hasbro Marvel Legends Version coming our way in the next few weeks looked pretty swell. But this Medicom Version…? Yeah, it’s better (to me, at least).

Gwenpool MAFEX Alternate HeadsTo many collectors, the primary shortcoming of Hasbro’s Gwen Poole is that she only has one head (masked). Medicom’s has three (masked and happy, unmasked, and masked and worried).

Close-Up of Unmasked Gwenpool 6 Inch Figure MAFEXThe unmasked head looks way too “anime” and stylized to fit in seamlessly with a Marvel Legends 6” display, but I think it’ll look great when Gwen Poole is displayed by her lonesome.

Marvel MAFEX Gwenpool Shark Dolphin BackpacksWhile the Hasbro ML Gwenpool 6” comes with a cool backpack, MAFEX ups the ante, giving us two backpacks: both dolphin and penguin backpacks.

MAFEX Gwenpool AccessoriesIn addition to the heads and backpacks, the figure also comes with a smartphone (who doesn’t have one these days?), a figure stand, two katanas, a sheath with and without katanas, and a removed mask. That’s a pretty generous haul, and one that gives plenty of display options.

And although Medicom hasn’t stated an official number of points of articulation, we can be reasonably sure that since this is a MAFEX, it’ll be super-articulated (as evident by what we can see in the official photos that were sent out with her solicitation). As far as Gwenpool toys go, I think this is going to end up being the action figure to beat.

MAFEX Marvel Gwenpool Figure Wielding SwordsThe Medicom Gwenpool MAFEX figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in September 2018. She won’t come cheap, though—she retails for 8,424 yen (ouch!) and will have to be imported or bought from an importer like BBTS, as Medicom doesn’t have a license to release their Marvel Comics figures in the United States.

Alright, let’s hear it, Gwenpool fans! Does the MAFEX Gwenpool successfully beat out the Hasbro Marvel Legends version, and if so, are you willing to pay an order of magnitude more for Medicom’s over the Hasbro version? Who do you want to see next in the MAFEX Marvel series?

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