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Marvel Legends Endgame Captain America Figure Review & Photos

The first two Avengers Endgame Marvel Legends figures that I previously reviewed—Ronin and the Armored Thanos Build-A-Figure—were both overall solid figures with a few faults holding them back. But the third and final ML Endgame figure in this Wave is one I’ve had to gather up the motivation to review at all. Hasbro is hoping that we’ll all buy multiples of the Marvel Legends Endgame Captain America figure—but is this a figure that collects will want to own any of?

Marvel Legends Endgame Captain America Figure ReviewPoor Chris Evans just does not have much luck when it comes to Hasbro Marvel Legends 6” figures. After years of Steve Rogers movie figures that looked nothing like Evans, I thought the rushed bearded Cap we got last year for Infinity War would be the bottom of the barrel.

But I thought wrong, because—spoilers—this is bar-none my least favorite Captain America action figure in a long, long time.

Avengers Endgame Legends Quantum Suit Captain America Figure PackagedWe’ll start with the good news: if you want to build the Armored Thanos BAF, you won’t have to buy this Endgame Captain America. This is a little weird since Cap is one of only two single-packed action figures for the movie in this wave, but I think Hasbro foresaw many collectors were going to want to pass on this one. Thank you kindly, Hasbro.

Back of Quantum Captain America Marvel Legends Figure

As a Marvel Legends figure, this feels just about as basic as it gets. The armor has some nice texture on the black areas, but the predominant silver plastic has zero weathering or wash on it and looks ridiculous—particularly from the rear view.

Box Back Avengers Legends Endgame Captain AmericaI had hoped I could cover the back with the shield, but for reasons we’ll get into, that’s not possible with this figure.

Front of Captain America Chris Evans Endgame Movie FigureThe proportions on this figure just look wrong to me. As a generic male body, this is okay, I suppose—but in no way does it feel right for Cap. The masked Chris Evans head has little resemblance to the actor, and even less when placed upon this body.

Captain America Endgame Legends Figure Fist Bumping Citizen VOn the bright side, the body has decent, mostly standard ML articulation: Swivel Waist/Biceps/Thighs; double-jointed knees and elbows; ab crunch; ball-hinge neck and shoulders; ball-jointed hips; swivel-hinge wrists and hinged ankles with rockers. The arms can’t be fully straightened at the elbows and there’s no boots/calves cut, but otherwise the articulation here is acceptable.

Captain America Endgame Legends Figure Back with ShieldWith all that articulation, you might expect that you can at least get some cool poses with the iconic shield, right…? Wrong. For whatever reason, the shield doesn’t have any ‘C’-clip to attach to Cap’s arm, now does it have a peg to attach to his back.

Quantum Suit Captain America Avengers Legends Figure with Loose ShieldBut so what: At least there are straps to slide the shield over his arm, right? Well, unfortunately, one of the straps is too small to easily slide over the arm, and consequently I was only able to attach the shield at all after a Twitter follower tipped me off I could rip off Cap’s hand to get the shield on and then reattach it.

Avengers Endgame Marvel Legends Quantum Captain America 6" Figure with ShieldBut even if you do things that way and get Captain America’s shield attached, his arm isn’t designed to bend or do much of anything once the shield is on. The poseability here is really lame, frankly.

Articulation on Captain America ML Quantum Suit Costume FigureI haven’t picked up the Target Exclusive Quantum Suit two-pack yet, but the photos I’ve seen online definitely make it appear that this body mold works much better with the heads in that set (such as Hawkeye) than it does for Captain America.

Avengers Legends 2019 Captain America Endgame Hasbro Figure ReviewOverall: I try to find the best in every Hasbro Marvel Legends action figure. But plain and simple, I straight up dislike this Quantum Suit Captain America Legends figure. The unpainted silver on the costume looks incredibly cheap, the proportions on Cap are highly questionable, the portrait is generic and nothing impressive, and prepare for a battle if you want to pose the figure in a cool way with the shield.

If you want extra male Quantum Suit bodies to use for the extra heads in the Target Endgame two-pack, then this is an easy way of getting them. But as a Captain America figure, this is easily my least-favorite Cap I can remember Hasbro doing in many years—if not ever.


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