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Marvel Legends Avengers Endgame Armored Thanos Series Up for Order!

It was a tall order to keep the Avengers Endgame Marvel Legends Figures under wraps until less than a month before the movie hits theaters, but Hasbro has been more or less successful in their attempt! It was important to me not to talk about the movie figures in the wave until the go-ahead was given, but that time has officially come: the Marvel Legends Endgame Armored Thanos Series is now up for order! Were the Avengers Endgame movie figures worth all the mystery?

Avengers Endgame Marvel Legends Thanos Series Packaged Case RatiosThere was an embargo on all news regarding Avengers Endgame toys until tonight, so I haven’t been permitted to even say what the new movie Figures Hasbro has in the works even are until tonight. But now it can be told—including the case ratios!

The Avengers Endgame Legends Series 1 case assortment is as follows:

  • (2) Captain America in Quantum Realm Suit [Endgame]
  • (1) Ronin [Endgame]
  • (1) Ebony Maw [Infinity War]
  • (1) Living Laser [Comics Based]
  • (1) Hercules [Comics Based]
  • (1) Nighthawk [Comics Based]
  • (1) Citizen V [Comics Based]
  • Build-A-Figure: Armored Thanos [Endgame]

Quantum Suit Captain America Marvel Legends FigureWe knew based off of what Hasbro showed at New York Toy Fair 2019 last month that there were only a few slots left for unnamed movie figures, so it’s not a stunning twist that there are only three Avengers Endgame figures in this first wave.

Marvel Legends Avengers Endgame Captain America Packaged Quantum Realm SuitQuantum Realm Captain America is the only figure double-packed in this series—which is a bit of a shame, because he’s easily my least favorite of the three new Endgame action figures. He looks “fine”, but a little bit basic for my tastes. It’s also a mite weird that he’s one of only two single-packed figures from Avengers 4 in this wave, and also the only figure in the series without a piece of the Avengers 4 Thanos BAF. Sigh.

Marvel Legends Endgame Ronin Hawkeye Figure PackagedThe new Marvel Legends Ronin, however, is definitely more my jam. I was annoyed when we didn’t see Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) in Infinity War, but I’m glad to see he’ll have a decent role in Endgame.

Marvel Legends Ronin Figure Avengers Endgame SeriesWe’ll have to get an unmasked Ronin head elsewhere, though—Hasbro opted for multiple weapons and an interchangeable hand as accessories instead of including a Clint Barton head.

Marvel Legends Endgame Thanos Build-A-FigureThe Armored Thanos Build-A-Figure is the movie version of the Mad Titan many folks wanted to begin with, and unquestionably the best “carrot” Hasbro had up their sleeves as an incentive to sell the entirety of this series. He’s a bit undersized and could use some more detailing, but this will tide over many collectors until fancier, more expensive versions can be out in 6”-7” scale by DST Marvel Select, Bandai SH Figuarts and other companies.

2019 Marvel Legends Thanos Armored Build-A-Figure Close-Up Avengers EndgameThe Hasbro Avengers Endgame Marvel Legends figures are now up for order online, and should be ready to ship out once we get into April. Stores should be getting these in shortly as well, although I imagine that the movie figures will have a swift sell-through—and hopefully the Armored Thanos BAF can help push some of the lesser-known comic characters like Living Laser off shelves as well.

There’s going to be quite a few more Avengers End Game Legends figures on the way from Hasbro this spring/summer, but for now, these three are the ones that have been officially announced. What do you think, ML collectors? Is this Thanos in Armor BAF worth picking up the entire wave to build, and what do you think of the new Captain America and Ronin/Hawkeye figures accompanying him in this wave?

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