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MARVEL Groot Glasses From GUNNAR

Marvel Studios and GUNNAR Optiks is ready to introduce officially-licensed Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Edition blue light blocking glasses.  

The Marvel Comic’s Groot Glasses (MSRP: $129) are perfect for unleashing your inner superhero and combating intergalactic threats, like the harmful effects of visible high-energy blue light, including dry, red, or irritated eyes, blurred vision, and eye fatigue.  


These glasses are lightweight, stylish and composed of sustainably sourced walnut wood. Featuring flexible spring hinges, and carbon fiber reinforcement and a sustainably sourced walnut wood material. The flexible metal hinges and laminated carbon fiber internal give these glasses super-power strength and durability.  

I am GUNNAR. Inspired by Marvel Comics’ lovable, spacefaring tree, Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Edition boldly displays the strength and beauty of real wood. Bolstering the walnut exterior, a laminated carbon fiber internal layer improves firmness, tensile and compressive strength. Engineered for durability and minimal weight, this iconic eyewear sports flexible spring hinges and advanced lens technology. Sustainably harvested materials and precision engineering will survive all forms of adventure from typical wear-and tear to intergalactic-level space threats!


•Sustainably harvested walnut wood material laminated to carbon fiber

•Flexible spring hinges

•GUNNAR patented lens technology

•G-Shield® Premium lens coating: anti-reflective, smudge resistant & oleophobic

•Proprietary polyamid lens material provides crisp optics with ultra durability

•Blocks harmful blue light and 100% UV

•Official Marvel Comics’ Groot licensed glasses



•Custom Eco-friendly Glasses Case

•Custom Eco-friendly Microfiber Pouch

•Custom Eco-friendly Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

•24-Month Warranty

GUNNAR’s Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Edition glasses officially launch and go on sale tomorrow at (April 24th) and at April 30th