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Legion M Launches “Girl With No Name” Kickstarter Campaign to Presell Comic Book and Bring Fans into the Development of the Franchise’s Feature Film

Fan-Owned Legion M’s first self-published comic book was developed by an all-star female creative team in support of the “Girl With No Name” feature film currently in development  


LOS ANGELES (March 12, 2019) – Fan-Owned Legion M announced today the presale launch of its first-ever comic book—“Girl With No Name”—on Kickstarter. The completed book introduces the universe of The Girl, and the campaign is giving fans an insider look into the development process for the “Girl With No Name” feature film franchise, which is being produced by Co-Op Entertainment’s Laura Ivey and directed by Co-Op’s Tanya Wexler (Hysteria), with Legion M serving as executive producer.

Comic book fans can learn more about the project and unique perks as well as purchase copies of the “Girl With No Name” book and special merchandise now at its official Kickstarter page. Supporters of the campaign will be invited to an exclusive virtual development meeting for the franchise’s feature film later this year. Co-produced with Co-Op Entertainment, and co-developed by Dave Elliott’s AtomekART, the “Girl With No Name” comic book was developed, produced and is being independently published by Legion M, led by Terri Lubaroff, the company’s COO and head of content.

“‘Girl With No Name’ will be an incredibly stylized feature film, in the vein of ‘300’ and ‘Sin City,’ so introducing its world through a comic book was a natural fit,” said ‘Girl With No Name’ director Tanya Wexler. “Fans are going to love the book and, as a director, I love the opportunity to bring them into the fold as we continue developing the film.”

“We love Kickstarter, and believe it was the perfect platform for engaging with some of the most passionate and creative comic book fans in the world,” said Terri Lubaroff, Legion M’s COO and head of content. “As a fan-owned entertainment company, we wanted to create a fully immersive opportunity for fans to dive into the ‘Girl With No Name’ universe by engaging with us during the development of the feature film. We’re able to do both through the project’s Kickstarter campaign.”

The brand-new Western revenge thriller comic book was entirely drawn by a group of all-star female artists, including Tula Lotay (cover/promotional poster), Dani Strips (interior art), Gloria Caeli (colors), and Annie Parkhouse (letters). Collectively, the artists have graced the pages of Image Comics “Supreme: Blue Rose” with Warren Ellis, and Si Spencer’s eight-part series “Bodies” (Lotay); “Fiends of the Eastern Front” and “Judge Anderson” for “2000 AD” comic magazine (Strips); as well as “Judge Dredd” for “2000 AD” and various Marvel, DC and Dark Horse series (Parkhouse).

For presale orders of the “Girl With No Name” comic book, please visit its official Kickstarter campaign at To learn more about the “Girl With No Name” feature film project and to become a free member of Legion M, please visit

“Girl With No Name” Synopsis

The birth of a gunslinger.

On the way to a new life on the frontier, a five-year-old GIRL’s parents are murdered by highwaymen. Orphaned, The Girl is taken in by her mysterious UNCLE, an ex-Confederate turned bounty hunter—not a man who ever wanted to raise a child. But The Girl demands he take her in because she knows that he is the man who will make her parents’ killers pay. And they will pay in blood. Every day, The Girl pushes her Uncle to go after the people who killed “ma and pa.” At the age of ten, her Uncle finally teaches her to shoot. Like him, The Girl is a natural sharpshooter…a crack shot. She has more natural talent with a gun than anyone he has ever seen. It scares the Uncle to think what could become of her if she joined the “killin’ trade.” As she grows the bond between them grows, and he begins to see her as his own daughter.  But just when The Uncle is about to hang up his gun for good, a band of outlaws murders him and burns their ranch, leaving the Girl – now 18 – for dead in their burning house. But the Girl survives the fire and now, orphaned once again, has only one drive – vengeance. With no one willing to go after the outlaws, The Girl grabs her gun – taking justice into her own hands.

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About Legion M

Revolutionizing the way entertainment is made in Hollywood, Legion M encompasses a global community of 75,000+ members and more than 15,00 fan-owners. Its slate of film, TV, digital and VR projects in development include “Girl With No Name,” “Evermor” and “Malice,” as well as interactive and VR-based projects, including “ICONS: Face to Face.” Legion M was an investor in the critically acclaimed “Colossal,” starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis, and directed by Nacho Vigalondo, “Mandy” starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Panos Cosmatos, “Bad Samaritan” starring David Tennant and directed and produced by Dean Devlin, and is a financier in Kevin Smith’s upcoming feature film “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.” To learn more about Legion M and to become a free member of the Legion, visit


About Co-Op Entertainment

Co-Op Entertainment is a creator-friendly, business-savvy production company bringing elevated, impactful stories to the widest possible audience. A collaboration between producer Laura Ivey (“Walking Out,” “Ithaca,” “The Last Five Years”) and director Tanya Wexler (“Buffaloed, “Hysteria,” “Finding North”), Co-Op seeks to produce content for Wexler to direct and to produce for other directors as well, while consistently making film and television that exists at the intersection of commercial entertainment and elevated prestige projects.


About AtomekART

For over 30 years, AtomekART (previously Atomeka Press) have revolutionized the way creators and their creations have been developed. From their multi-awarding winning anthology, A1, to developing properties to film like Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) and Oblivion (Tom Cruise). The Girl With No Name is the first in a line of similar projects from the company now led by Dave Elliott and Scott Faye (Max Payne and Six Billion Dollar Man).