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KLAW, THE SPACE RAVAGER Statue from House of Gog

House of Gog is very excited to introduce ​Klaw, the space ravager​, the 3rd installment and first villain in our Pascal Blanché – Derelict planet original art statue line!

Based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, House of Gog™ is a premium toys and collectibles brand specialized and dedicated in bringing to life the rich universe of the world’s best artists, by creating high-craftsmanship, original and limited art statues and art prints.

Founded by two passionate collectors with more than 20 years of high-end toy and statue production experience, House of Gog™ is a premium art statues manufacturer and e-commerce merchant, selling directly to collectors and art lovers worldwide, exclusively on its online shop and at events.

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Featured artist: Pascal Blanché


Pascal Blanché is a digital artist, known for his colorful illustrations inspired by memories of his 80’s heroes Moebius, Frazetta, Bisley, Corben and many others.

His illustrations have received numerous awards and have been published in books and magazines all around the world.

He currently works as an Art Director at ​Behaviour Interactive.


This art statue is based on the original artwork of world-class digital artist Pascal Blanché. This is an official collaboration with the artist.


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KLAW, the space ravager


No one knows where – or when – Klaw came from. Not even himself.


Roaming through space in his fabled gunship, he is in constant search of loot and plunder. Death, pillage and devastation follow his raging path.


Brutal and ruthless, he is feared by all; even by the drifters of the Deep.


His cunning is surpassed only by his incredible strength. There is no escape from his crushing grip.


Outlawed and bounty-hunted, Klaw has finally been caught and imprisoned. He is kept caged as a highly-prized trophy.


As he lies in his impenetrable cell, a dark and unfamiliar voice speaks to him:


“Rise mighty warrior and return to me.”


“I have a gift for you.”