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Kirby and the Goal Door PVC Statue

First 4 Figures presents the first statue in their all-new PVC lineup of Kirby collectibles.


As is the First 4 figures norm, multiple versions of this PVC statue are available, including a standard retail edition priced at $84.99. For those that want all the bells and whistles, the first 4 Figures Exclusive Edition of the Kirby and the Goal Door statue ($109.99, early bird pricing of $99.99) features touch sensors that can trigger motion and music (not bad for a few extra dollars)! Touching the blue flower on the right-hand side of the base will activate the twirl that Kirby does just before he strikes a pose, while the orange flower just below that will activate the song that plays after finishing a Goal Game!

Both versions of the Kirby and Goal Gate PVC Statue is scheduled to ship Q3 2021.