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Kids Come Running For the Great Taste of CINNAMON KRAKENS!

This was a custom project from some friends of mine that happened this week and it was too good not to share with you.


Over a year ago, my friend Josh, who is an epic figure customizer, made a “lost” second wave of figures for Mattel’s vintage Clash of the Titans toy line for his personal collection.  He did an invisible version of Perseus, Perseus with a helmet and Perseus with Bubo.  He also did Zeus, Andromeda, Ammon and a more screen accurate version of Calibos.  These were stunning figures and made everyone who saw them aware of what could have been with that toy line.

Cut to a year later and a couple of other friends Eric and Jason designed and printed a STUNNING custom cereal box for Josh as a surprise and if this doesn’t make you want to travel back to 1982 I don’t know what will.  This box of “CINNAMON KRAKENS” is so pitch perfect accurate to it’s real, vintage cereal box counterparts that I’m sure that just by placing this on the Internet that someone is going to be convinced that it’s real and will create unshakable false memories every bit as strong as those friends you know that are CONVINCED that they or someone they know were sent a rocket-firing Boba Fett as a kid.   It’s not real, it’s just a lovingly crafted one of custom for a friend, and it’s AMAZING!


Jason spent many years designing packaging and toys for a major fast food chain so his ability to mimic and create such a convincing “fake” is almost unparalleled. You really have to see them to believe them. Jason was also the person that made that amazing custom Super Powers Fortress of Solitude Playset box for me as a wedding present.   I like to think that somewhere in an alternate universe my young self has just finished his 4th box of CINNAMON KRAKENS and is getting ready to clip out the offer and send away for some of those epic figures.


Have a look at this masterpiece:




What do you think?  Did it make you hungry for a bowl of CINNAMON KRAKENS? Or just pine for some amazing figures we will never get.

Thanks for Josh, Jason and Eric for allowing us to share this.