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Justice League Unlimited – Unlimited Options

My main goal in sharing these Justice League Unlimited set of HeroClix unboxing blogs was to show those who do not normally buy HeroClix but love the JLU show what they might get when they bought a box (or two, or ten, or twenty).  This time, lets look beyond that to see what WizKids has given us as a set.  Where to begin?  How about the beginning with the original team?  They are all here.

Or how about the first episode of JLU, where Green Lantern is sent to pick up Green Arrow because Arrow will not come to the orientation meeting only to team up with Captain Atom and Supergirl?

Perhaps we should move into the mystery a bit and check in on a certain Double Date?

If you were to pick four members of the League to work together would you choose a group that appeared together, or assemble your own?

The point is, in this game, the choice is yours.

We have the Seven Soldiers of Victory.  The other two members, Stargirl and Crimson Avenger are also in the set, so you can run the entire team from Patriot Act.  Warning to collectors, both Stargirl and STRIPE are super-rares and Crimson Avenger is a prime.

Before Justice League, in the final season of Batman Beyond, we were treated to a future Justice League in the two part episode titled “The Call”.  This established the basis of a Justice League in the DC Animated Universe.  Batman Beyond joined the likes of Micron, Warhawk, Barda and an older Superman.  In JLU we met a future Static.  In comics following this theme, we met an older Wonder Woman.  Even though Aquagirl and Green Lantern Kai-Ro are not in the set, the rest of the team is.  Warning to those trying to put this group together, Barda, Batman Beyond, Warhawk and Micron are all super rares.  Micron also is the super-rare prime.

Heroes need enemies to fight.  Justice League brought them a team of villains brought together by Luthor to take down the League.  Solomon Grundy, Shade and Star Sapphire are all in the set.  Ultra-Humanite and Star Sapphire are the super-rares from this team.

We also have the League from an alternate universe, the Justice Lords.   The Lords versions of Hawkgirl, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman are super-rares.

Finally, we have Cadmus and Star Labs.

Remember, the possibilities are Unlimited.

A final note about availability.  The pre-release events were supposed to be the end of March.  The release of this set of HeroClix was supposed to be in April.  Due to warehouse shut downs, a limited amount of product has shipped.  Expect more to be available after the warehouses open up again.  Diamond is expected to start shipping again on May 20th.  Hopefully we will all be able to get these shortly after that.