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Justice League Unlimited – Justice Lords Invade HeroClix

Our 5th booster (completing the back row left to right) brings us the Justice Lords.  I always enjoy a booster which includes pieces that thematically go together.  Booster 5 contained Amazo (common), Jonah Hex (common), Superman – Justice Lords (uncommon), Supergirl – Blue Shirt (uncommon) and Green Lantern – Justice Lords (rare).

Two things to notice here.  One, we are starting to get more repeated pieces.  We already pulled Amazo and Jonah Hex.  Two, we got a broken piece, Supergirl.  This could be a crisis.  Especially if it was a very rare piece.  I will usually make at least one attempt to use super glue to repair a piece.  But I must admit to having at least a half dozen pieces that are in need of repair, several of which I just have never gotten around to making a first attempt.

Once again, I have to hand it to both WizKids in this set of HeroClix and Mattel in their action figure line for efficient and effective use of paint to bring us 2 characters or versions of characters from alternate universes with the same sculpt.

Superman and Justice Lords Superman are easy to tell apart with Lords Superman sporting a black costume and white cape.  WizKids gets points here for incorporating an in show aspect as a game mechanic.  In the show there are Justice Lords Superman robots.  The piece can be played at full strength, or you can just play the piece using just the final click to represent the robot version.

While with Green Lantern and Justice Lords Green Lantern the coloring differences are more subtle, they are there, making each piece unique.

Supergirl would be great if she was not broken.  While trying to pose the Mattel version, I realized she also suffers from a leg injury and could not stand without assistance.