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JUNKBOTS to Launch YouTube Series and Roblox Game

JUNKBOTS is launching an 8-part YouTube series and a Roblox story game where kids will fall in love with their favorite characters through the comedy and adventure of the series and immerse themselves in this rich universe of JUNKBOTS. They will be teaming up and joining the race to save the city alongside their friends in a multi-chapter Roblox story game. They can even unlock exclusive Roblox swag online!

The JUNKBOTS Roblox game offers hours of content, with multiple mini-games within each Mission and dozens of playable set pieces. Players can further immerse themselves with a unique “playground experience” where they can come together, socialize, customize their worlds, and explore in between playing story episodes.

JUNKBOTS are part of a collectible unboxing experience. Open up your trash can and see what treasures you have inside! Whether you want to gather static figures, bots that vibrate with a rumble unit, bots that light up with an energy core, or bots that come to life with a motion pack, there is something for every collector. The universal socket system allows you to take apart the Junk Bots and reattach pieces together to create totally unique figures. The more you collect, the more options you have in building your own creation! When your figure is built, the trash-can-packaging doubles as a display stand.

The JUNKBOTS mission, should you choose to accept it, is to investigate every nook and cranny to find the hidden JUNKBOTS in the ultimate, advent-style unboxing experience.

Fans will be able to get in on the action as JUNKBOTS launches on Roblox and YouTube in late July 2021 and in-store late August. For more information on JUNKBOTS, visit Follow the web series on HEXBUGS YouTube channel

Source: Hexbug Press Release