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Iron Studios Infinity War Thor! Falcon! War Machine! Cap! Bucky!

Continuing to recap the cornucopia of new Avengers Infinity War toys and statues that have gone up for order this month, today I’m looking at one of the newer companies on my radar. Iron Studios has gone to the Avengers Infinity War well more than any other statue maker thus far with not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE new statues from the movie solicited in the past month: the Infinity War Iron Studios Captain America, Falcon, War Machine, Thor and Winter Soldier statues are all up for order now!

Wakanda Series Iron Studios Infinity War StatuesI’ve been busier than usual this past month and haven’t gotten around to commenting on every new Marvel statue pre-order hitting the market as it happens, so I apologize for the recent delays.

But never wanting to let anything slip through the cracks forever, let’s take a brief look at all five of the latest Iron Studios Avengers Infinity War 1/10 scale movie statues in the increasingly popular Battle Diorama Series (BDS)…

Iron Studios Avengers Infinity War Battle of Wakanda Series StatuesI want to start the discussions with the Iron Studios Falcon and War Machine statues. Not because they’re the most significant or popular characters in Avengers 3—but because these are the two statues that are pre-sold out almost everywhere already!

Close-Up of War Machine Iron Studios Avengers Infinity War StatueAfter going up for pre-order in late May, just one month later Iron Studios has already closed direct reservations for their 1:10 War Machine and Falcon statues. BBTS is also sold out of pre-orders for both characters already, although Sideshow Collectibles is still taking reservations for both (and is the only store around I could find doing so).

Iron Studios War Machine Infinity War BDS StatueIt’s not too difficult to see why these two pieces have sold really swiftly thus far. War Machine Mark III has really gotten the short end of the merchandising stick, with no Marvel Legends SH Figuarts or even Hot Toys Infinity War War Machine announced to date.

Iron Studios War Machine Movie Statue Back Infinity WarOf the very scant offerings available for IW War Machine, this 12” Iron Studios BDS Statue is far and away the most detailed and visually compelling piece out there for this iteration of the character.

Iron Studios Falcon BDS Statue Avengers Infinity WarMeanwhile, while he’s gotten more action figures this time out, poor movie Falcon hasn’t gotten squat for resin statues from any company besides Iron Studios (who also previously did an awesome 1:4 Falcon Statue).

Avengers Infinity War Iron Studios Falcon Statue 17 Inches Tall SizeThis Falcon Statue is over 17” tall because of its wingspan, making it nearly as tall as the 20” Hulkbuster Iron Man 2.0 that went up for sale last month. He’s subtly attached to a tree to give the illusion of being in flight, and even has multiple Redwind drones (a detail even Bandai forgot to include!) attached to the base.

Back of Iron Studios Falcon 1 10th Scale Movie StatueThe Anthony Mackie likeness is astoundingly good for this scale of resin statue… this is a big win overall, and ties War Machine as my favorite piece in the whole Avengers Infinity War BDS.

Iron Studios Infinity War Bucky Winter Soldier Battle Diorama Series StatueNext up, we’ve got my least favorite piece that Iron Studios has shown off for Infinity War, which is unfortunately one of my favorite characters: Winter Soldier/White Wolf/Bucky.

Iron Studios Winter Soldier Bucky Statue Infinity WarWhile I think the Sebastian Stan likeness on this 1/10th scale statue is passable, I don’t like the pose he’s in much at all. It looks really awkward to me and not at all as dynamic or natural as the poses many of the other figures are in. It also doesn’t help that Bucky’s new Infinity War costume itself is a lot uglier than this precious movie looks. On the bright side, the new Vibranium arm does look pretty cool.

Avengers Infinity War Iron Studios Captain America StatueThe make-or-break centerpiece of the Battle of Wakanda BDS for many collectors is going to be the leader of the Avengers himself: Captain America. This statue feels almost like the opposite of Bucky to me: a dynamically-posed piece with a great look to it that the only facet I’m not sold on is the Chris Evans portrait.

Detailing on Costume of Iron Studios BDS Captain America Infinity War FigureI really dig the way that Captain America is taking to the forefront and ordering his team into battle, and the battle-weathered costume looks exceptional. This is a buy for me no matter what because it’s Cap, but I hope the Steve Rogers likeness is easy to see in person.

Iron Studios Infinity War Thor Battle Diorama Series StatueFinally, we’ve got the most recent—and final—addition to the Wakanda Series: Infinity War Iron Studios Thor. I didn’t like this 1:10 Thor Statue at all when I first saw it unveiled, but his poised-to-charge pose has grown on me a lot over the last couple months.

Close-Up of armor detail on Thor Avengers Infinity War StatueI think it’s a huge missed opportunity that Iron Studios didn’t opt for Rocket Raccoon and Groot to flank this IW Thor statue, but he looks great even without his alien comrades. This isn’t exactly Chris Hemsworth at his most handsome, but the detailing on his costume—particularly the armor—is just gorgeous.

Iron Studios Infinity War Statues Battle of WakandaAll of the Iron Studios Avengers Infinity War Wakanda statues are now available for order, with shipping dates spread out over the course of the next year. This is a rare instance where Sideshow Collectibles has cheaper prices than almost any other online retailer, with these statues ranging from $105-$125 each. For whatever reason, they’re all $15-$25 more expensive at BBTS this time out, making Sideshow the retailer of choice for these for many collectors.

Now that the whole Battle is Wakanda Series of statues is up for order, what do you think of Iron Studios’ efforts with this line, Marvel collectors? Are you ready to bust out your wallets and $1000+ to build the whole diorama, picking one or two favorites to focus on, or passing on this very cool series altogether?

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