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Intoducing Yummy World Zoey and the YumYumables XL Plush

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Please welcome Zoey and the YumYumables XL Plush to Yummy World!  Zoey and her kiddos Charles, Chelsea and Chester are one cuddly bunch and arrived to Sprinkle Tree just in time for a new school year. The top of this XL 18-inch-wide plush peels back to velcro on and off, revealing an assortment of adorable pals ready to be stacked into snacky heaven. Zoey, being the leader, really holds everything together while Chelsea the Cracker has resting salt face, Charles the Ham always seems to need the spotlight, and Chester the Cheese is always telling the worst jokes – you know how he can be. Join us in welcoming Zoey and the YumYumables to the Yummy World family!

About Yummy World:

With signature “googley” eyes and a dashed smile, Yummy World brings life to baked goods, fruits, vegetables, and beyond. Yummy World is a reminder that life is sweet, salty, and most of all, delicious. Yummy World is an exclusive Kidrobot brand and comes in plush versions, keychains and vinyl mini figures.