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“Inside Iron Studios” Virtual Event Today

At the end of 2020, Iron Studios held a virtual event that defined a new form of interaction with fans called “Inside Iron Studios“. The company presented its new products, prototypes, concepts, and ideas to the public. The process of creating and developing the statues was also briefly shown. This new format brought fans and collectors closer to the company and the event received very positive feedback.

The success of the event motivated Iron Studios to present today, 05/28/2021, “Inside Iron Studios Day“, which will be broadcasted on Iron Studios’ YouTube channel at 12PM Noon EST. The event, which will be hosted by Marcelo Bassoli and Jessica Viriato, will be broadcasted in Portuguese with English subtitles. The brand’s new products will be revealed, prototypes that have never been seen will be presented, in addition to detailed analyzes of products that have already been presented and, who knows, something bigger… big surprises!

  • WHERE: Iron Studios’ YouTube Channel (
  • WHEN: 5/28/2021 at 12PM NOON EST