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Infinity War SH Figuarts Falcon & Hulk Figures Photos & Info!

While we’re only a week away from Ant-Man and The Wasp arriving in theaters, the onslaught of Avengers Infinity War toys is continuing long after the movie and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. And although Bandai Tamashii has now solicited all of their initial lineup of SH Figuarts Infinity War figures, they’re going further and deeper than they ever have before for a Marvel movie and have two more figures announced this month: Infinity War SH Figuarts Falcon is now up for pre-order with Hulk joining him soon!

SH Figuarts Infinity War Falcon Figure with GunsWhen Bandai Japan ceased making new characters for the Civil War Figuarts series, a lot of collectors were frustrated that crucial supporting characters such as the Winter Soldier, Falcon and more from that movie ended up getting snubbed.

This time out, fans are going to have a lot less to complain about, as Bandai Tamashii Nations is filling in the gaps in the Infinity War Figuarts series with several never-before-done characters—including the Falcon!

Back of SH Figuarts Falcon FigureI never felt much connection with Sam Wilson as the Falcon in the comic books (though I loved his Mattel Secret Wars Figure when I was like 5), but I instantly bonded with Anthony Mackie as the Falcon in the MCU.

Avengers Infinity War Falcon Figuarts Figure Flying WingsWhile I own both Hot Toys Falcons, I’ve been wanting a 6” Falcon movie figure superior to the Marvel Legends versions for a while now—and it looks like that’s what Bandai is delivering with this Falcon Figuarts!

SH Figuarts Anthony Mackie Falcon LikenessBandai can be really hit or miss with their often-stylized anime-looking head sculpts, but that is not the case at all with this Falcon figure. The Anthony Mackie portrait is one of the best likenesses I’ve seen in the whole Marvel Figuarts line to-date, and I especially like how it looks with the glasses on.

SH Figuarts Falcon Figure in Divebomb PoseThe detachable wings look beautifully executed as well, with perfect proportions and ample detailing. The photo of Falcon “dive bombing” with the wings folded really sold me on how terrific they look.

Figuarts Falcon Infinity War Figure Wearing GlassesAlong with the wings and glasses, Falcon includes a backpack, two hand-guns and two pairs of interchangeable hands. It’s not a huge bounty of accessories (no Redwing?!?), but I think most of what fans need to get some cool poses out of this figure is present.

Bandai SH Figuarts Falcon Action Figure The only real downside to this figure is that it’s running $99 in the United States, which is quite a bit for a 6” action figure. And since this is a web exclusive, the usual import shops like HLJ and Amiami won’t be getting Falcon at all, so there’s no chance of getting him cheaper. Alas.

Close-Up of SH Figuarts Hulk Avengers Infinity War FigureBut while Falcon is notable for getting his first Bandai figure as part of this series, another character is smashing onto the scene for his third appearance: SH Figuarts Infinity War Hulk!

Avengers Infinity War Hulk SH Figuarts Figure JumpingHulk didn’t exactly have a ton of screen time in the Avengers Infinity War movie, but he had his toughest battle to date with Thanos—a fight where we could see just how all-powerful the Mad Titan really is for the first time. Even if only for recreating that battle, I think this is a worthwhile action figure for Bandai Japan to be releasing.

SH Figuarts Avengers Infinity War Hulk FigureStanding over 8” tall, this Hulk Figuarts figure ought to scale well with both Marvel Legends and S.H. Figuarts collections. The prominent, exposed joints will bother many collectors, but this is certain to be one of the most poseable Marvel Legends scale movie Hulks we ever get, so the aesthetic trade-off will be worth it to many.

Yelling Head on Bandai Hulk Figuarts Figure Infinity WarAlong with three interchangeable heads, Hulk also has interchangeable fists and grappling hands.

Infinity War Figuarts Hulk Figure PunchingI heard some early complaints about the likenesses on this figure, but I personally think all three look great and remind me quite a bit of how I remember Infinity War Hulk in my mind. I think collectors will warm up to this figure a lot as time goes by.

Hulk hasn’t gone up for sale yet in the US or Japan as of writing, but he’s almost certain to get a domestic release. With an overseas MSRP of 8640 yen, I’d expect him to be $80-$90 when Bandai Tamashii Nations solicits him for us. Stay tuned.

SH Figuarts Infinity War Falcon and Hulk FiguresThe S.H. Figuarts Falcon figure is now available for order in the United States, where he’s expected to ship out in February 2019. He’s a Tamashii Premium Web Exclusive in Japan, but thankfully he’ll be available domestically at a non-crazy price through the magic of Bandai Tamashii Nations. As this figure will be rare overseas, don’t be too surprised if it’s one of the earliest sellouts in the US (along with Black Panther).

What are your thoughts on the latest duo being added to the SH Figuarts Avengers Infinity War lineups, Marvel collectors? Will either of these figures be replacing their Marvel Legends 6” counterparts in your collection, or are you satisfied with the Hasbro versions that cost about $80 less than these?

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