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How Do You Baby-Proof Your Electronics?

Babies, also known as our bundle of joys are always curious about the things around them. They are not the ones like us, who always think of safety, and it becomes the duty of the parents.

As parents, it is important for you to make their journey of exploration safe and fun. How can we do that?

You need not invest a lot of bucks into it. Know, where the major problems exist, and address them immediately, through cost-effective means. Three major areas that need to be given special attention to, are-

Smart Phones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets

Bright screens are always loved by the kids. It is just not the T.V, today, they are exposed to almost every kind of electronic gadget from a simple phone to a laptop.

Though they want to have it all the time, it is pretty hard for them, to hold these, carefully. And, it is not good for their eyes too. What is the best thing that can be done, in this case?

Few options are, using a screen protector that makes it safe for the baby-usage, put them in a playpen during their play hours, and lastly, buy them kid-gadgets that are available in the market. Baby smartphones are an example. When you are charging your phones or tablets, do not let your babies near them.

Outlets and Power cords

Usually, outlets will be installed high enough out of babies’ reach. But, there are chances that a few outlets, will be down, and these should be covered using baby outlet covers, or even the surge protectors can be used.

Avoid keeping small screwdrivers, at your baby’s reach, and this alone will prevent many problems. Power cords are not fascinating for the parents, however, for the kids, everything that they come across, seems interesting.

Try to avoid using the lower outlets for charging your phones and other electronic gadgets. This should solve all major problems related power cords.

The Blu-Ray/ Modem or Router Shelf

As said, kids are interested, in everything they see, and it is not any different with a Router or modem. Again these can be placed somewhere top, and make it inaccessible to your baby, until certain age.

The radiations that are emitted by these routers aren’t safe either. Thus, placing it at a distant location would be the best idea. In the case of your Blu-ray players, again, it is better to keep it out of your baby’s reach as well, until he is old enough to learn how to pop it out.

Baby Safety Video: DIY Electronics Tutorial:

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