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Hot Toys Infinity Gauntlet 1/4 Scale Replica Up for Order! $95!

Hot Toys shocked the Marvel collecting world last month when their launch lineup of Avengers Infinity War toys includes a jaw-dropping life-size Infinity Gauntlet prop replica. Sadly, not everyone has almost $1K they’re not using for that spectacular masterpiece. But it looks like Hot Toys has realized that, because they have something a bit more budget-priced lined up for those collectors: a $95 Hot Toys Infinity Gauntlet Quarter-Scale “figure” is now up for order!

Hot Toys Infinity Gauntlet Quarter Scale ReplicaAs magnificent as the Hot Toys Infinity Gauntlet life-size prop replica is, I think just as many jaws may have dropped at the $930 price-tag on that collectibles as dropped at its amazing quality.

Beautiful or not, most collectors just can’t justify a nearly $1000 prop replica purchase. But Hot Toys isn’t leaving those collectors high and dry. Instead, it turns out they’ve got a more reasonably-priced quarter scale Infinity Gauntlet up their sleeves–and it’s coming in fast, with a late summer arrival this year!

Overhead View of Avengers Infinity War Hot Toys Infinity Gauntlet Quarter Scale ReplicaNow, at a glance it’s apparent that this 1:4 Gauntlet just doesn’t have the same level of “wow” as the life-size prop replica. It’s smaller, and that means that fewer details can be packed into the shrunk-down surface area.

Hot Toys Quarter Scale Infinity Gauntlet Pulsing LED LightsThat said, this piece is still looking VERY nice, with all of the defining characteristics of the Infinity Gauntlet still present—as well as as the LED light-up Infinity Stones with a choice of always-on and pulsing effects.

Quarter Scale Infinity Gauntlet Hot Toys Statue Prop ReplicaThe metallic painting with weathering effects carry over from the 1:1 version, and this smaller-sized one’s paint has been designed by the same painter (Lok Ho), so it should look almost as snazzy on the shelf as the big version—just a lot smaller.

Size of Infinity Gauntlet Hot Toys Quarter Scale FigureThis 1/4 Infinity Gauntlet Hot Toys replica also might be a good choice for those who are space-conscious, as it’s only 8.9” tall on the base (and 6.7” off the base), thus not requiring the same amount of real estate on a shelf as the full-sized version.

The major selling-point for this 1/4 Hot Toys Gauntlet, however, is likely to be the price: just $95. For a Hot Toys Marvel product, that’s almost unheard of. I think at this relatively low price, Hot Toys is going to sell out of these very quickly once they arrive.

Close-Up of Infinity Stones on 1 4 Hot Toys Infinity GauntletThe Hot Toys Infinity Gauntlet 1/4 Replica is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in Q3 2018 (July-September). That’s a hella fast turnaround time for a Hot Toys product, so it sounds like they’re so confident this piece will be a success that it’s already in production right now or about to be in production.

Hands up, Marvel collectors! Who picked up the Life-Size Infinity Gauntlet replica, and does this 1:4 version have you second-guessing your choice? And for those who passed on the large version, are you intrigued by this smaller one that’s 1/4th the size and 1/10th the price?

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