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Help Local Game Shops with Take-Out Gaming

Many restaurants which were mostly (or all) sit down have turned to take out and in many cases delivery. Some game shops have started doing the same thing, take out gaming.

The idea. You want a game. You order your food and pick it up, Why not order a game the same way. Call your local gaming store and ask if they have that game you have been meaning to buy and what kind of pick up hours they might have. They might even bring your purchase out to your car.  They might offer an option to ship a game to you.

Don’t know what you want to play? Call them, have them suggest a few games. Go to and watch a video or two of each game. Pick one out and order it from your local game store.  They would love your support.  I called mine, we set up the details and when I got there, they had this waiting for me.  And they were grateful.

Castles of mad King Ludwig

Castles of Mad King Ludwig