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Great Twins launches Merlion Collectible Figure on Kickstarter.

Merlion Mini-Figure Blind Box “International Designers” Series 1 features 24 renowned and aspiring designers from 17 countries.

Kickstarter Campaign Link:


On 9 February 2019, Great Twins launches Merlion Collectible Figure on Kickstarter. Standing 2inch tall, the Merlion Mini-Figure Blind Box “International Designers” Series 1 features 24 renowned and aspiring designers from 17 countries. Each blind box will come with a random colour of a 1inch tall Merlion figurine. In addition, we have added on a few limited editions of the 8inch Merlion Collectible Figure of which one of it is designed by Hong Kong designer, James Fong (a.k.a. Ultraman).

We are in production stage and have launched the campaign on Kickstarter to reach out to more toy lovers out there. We will be using the funds we raise to fine tune the tooling and start mass production. We believe that by backing our campaign on Kickstarter and sharing this good news on your various social media platforms, we will reach our funding goal in no time. Please feel free to check out our campaign on Kickstarter at to see the various goodies you get for backing our campaign.


Thanks to all the designers that are involved in the project!


  • Adrian Nugroho (Indonesia)
  • Dadik Triadi (Indonesia)
  • Eunice Low (Malaysia)
  • Henry Lichtmann (Brazil)
  • Jaein Park (South Korea)
  • Jason Kochis (USA)
  • JEC (Mexico)
  • Jumping Lomo (Peru)
  • Kharman (Malaysia)
  • Louis Charles Round (Venezuela)
  • Luo Wen (China)
  • Mad Barbarians (Japan)
  • Michiel Baumgarten (The Netherlands)
  • Mr. Walters (USA)
  • Nathan Jurevicius (Canada)
  • Paul Leung (Hong Kong)
  • Reactor-88 (USA)
  • Sam Fout (USA)
  • Shin Tanaka (Japan)
  • Tiffany Yao (Singapore)
  • Tom Hanni (Switzerland)
  • Ultraman (Hong Kong)
  • Vectorizta (Philippines)
  • Warhead (Thailand)


About Great Twins


Great Twins is a design, production and distribution company for collectible toys and high-end premium merchandise. We also serve as a consultant in building ideas from scratch to a unique finished product.


Made up of a dynamic team of creative and adventurous souls, featuring a diverse talent pool from various fields of expertise, we conceptualize, manufacture and distribute authentic high-quality collectible/designer toys (including vinyl figures, action figures, poly-resin/fiberglass statues, plush toys, etc.) and unique premium designer lifestyle merchandise.


We aim to take the lead internationally for the genre of products we design and produce.


With our global network of retailers, we have a toy and merchandise distribution arm that helps potential brand market, wholesale and distribution of products. Bringing the best product to our customers is our utmost priority.


From transforming raw ideas into great products, starting from concept development through various stages of processing, production, packaging, and distribution of final products, Great Twins is the ideal place to help clients (government organizations, corporations or private individuals) make their collectibles and toy-dreams become reality.



About Merlion


Being a tourism icon, Merlion is one of the most popular and recognisable mascots in Singapore and internationally. Since its creation in 1964, the now 43 year old half-lion and half-mermaid character had since been manifested on souvenirs and memorabilia dedicated to tourists worldwide.


In 2017, the Merlion had been conceptualised, redesigned in-house and produced by Singapore company “Great Twins”, and given a fresh new lease of toylife as a trendy designer collectible for the new millennium, with an emphasis on its “cool” factor, now levelled up to welcome the pop culture world, with a playful flick of its mermaid tail!


Truly a “fusion” character that has become a part of everyday life for both Singaporeans, and is synonymous with our country island worldwide, Merlion will be available in a kaleidoscope of colours and hues, sizes (2 inches tall and 8 inches tall), and as well collaborations with designers and artists to release new cool designs, all with the aim to promote Singapore and the booming industry of designer toys in Asia.