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GANTZ:O Reika statue by Gecco

GANTZ:O, Reika 1/6 Scale Statue

Figure features

Reika who bravely battles aliens in the movie “GANTZ:O” is recreated as  a 1/6 scale premium statue.
The feminine body realistically depicted in full 3DCG animation was  faithfully sculpted by hand by master sculptor Shin Tanabe.
Moreover, the hand sculpted prototype was scanned, and the minute  delicate pattern on the GANTZ suit was digitally added to the surface.
The weapons used in the missions, X-Gun, GANTZ Sword and Z-Gun are  accurately recreated through digital sculpture.
The detailed platform is based on the Ebisubashi bridge in Osaka, which  was home to the bloody battle field of GANTZ:O.
Enjoy the unique harmony between the combination of traditional and  digital sculpture in this high end collectible statue.

-Price: US$299.99
-Size: 30 cm high
-Release: May~June 2019
-Prepainted Statue
-Material: ABS/PVC
-Sculpt: Shin Tanabe (JINTO)
-Digital Sculpt: Masaki Akao
-Paint:Kenji Ando

Produced by: Gecco

Ultra Tokyo Connection (North America)
Diamond Comics Distributor (North America)
Sideshow (North America)
D4TOYS (Other countries)