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Game Over, Man! #AlienDay Offerings from @Super7

Happy Alien Day!

As reasons for having an existential crisis go, being stranded on planet LV-426 among a hive of Xenomorphs looking for new humans to serve as incubators ranks as one of the best. The “Game over, man!” variant of PFC. Hudson captures his totally relatable moment of despair following the ambush of his team and crash of the dropship that was to evacuate the survivors.

It’s one of the most memorable moments in the entire Alien franchise, and this “Game over, man!” Hudson ReAction figure belongs in your collection!

In addition, our ReAction family is growing to include 6 (SIX!) new Xenomorph figures! From the OG Xenomorph in Alien to the hybrid Newborn Xenomorph in Alien: Resurrection and a bunch of classic Xenomorphs in between, this wave is your chance to build your own family tree from the classic sci-fi franchise.

With all the different Xenomorph iterations in your collection for easy reference, keeping them all straight will be easier than lifting something with a P-5000 Powered Work Loader!

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