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Funko’s 2018 #NYCC Exclusive Reveals: TV!

Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, as does this New York Comic Con exclusive four-pack of Married with Children action figures depicting Peggy, Al, Kelly and Bud Bundy.

Action Figure: Married with Children (Target)

Cece Parekh might be Jessica Day’s best friend on New Girl but she’s so much more than that. She’s a bartender,  model, owner and manager of Cece’s Boys Model Management  and now a New York Comic Con Pop! exclusive.

Pop! TV: New Girl –  CeCe Parekh (FYE)
Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! The Brady Bunch’s Jan might  have classic middle child syndrome but it’s safe to say that will all be over when she realizes she’s a New York Comic Con Pop!  exclusive. Better still, Jan and her imaginary boyfriend  George Glass are a Pop! two-pack.Pop! TV: Brady Bunch – Jan & George Glass (Books-A-Million)


Take a trip in the Tardis to the Tenth Doctor and one of the most terrifying villains in any era. According to the Doctor, Vashta Nerada are behind humanity’s fear of the dark and it’s easy to see why with this New York Comic Con exclusive glow in the dark Pop! of the Vashta Nerada, which translates to “the shadows that melt the flesh.” Because it wasn’t scary enough before we knew that.

Pop! TV: Doctor Who – Vashta Nerada (Hot Topic)

Nobody bobs their heads quite like the The Roxbury Guys—also known as the Butabi brothers. Doug and Steve Butabi are part of Saturday Night Live and pop culture history as the skit that inspired A Night at the Roxbury. And now the duo is a New York Comic Con two-pack Pop! exclusive.

Pop! TV: SNL – Doug & Steve Butabi (Barnes & Noble)



Dr. Caitlin Snow might be a well-intentioned scientist, but her alter-ego, Killer Frost, has no interest in playing nice. Fortunately, this glow in the dark Pop! New York Comic Con exclusive, is expecting anything but a chilly reception from fans of The Flash.

Pop! TV: The Flash – Killer Frost (Hot Topic)

Kara Danvers aka Supergirl— has come to terms with her powers, saved the world and discovered herself along the way. But being a New York Comic Con Pop! Exclusive is one adventure she hopes fans will be “super” excited about!

Pop! TV: Supergirl – Supergirl (Barnes & Noble)

Please note that if you want to access the Funko booth at NYCC, you must enter this online lottery by 9/24!