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Funko Spider-Man Far From Home POP Vinyls & Mystery Minis Figures!

Spider-Man Far From Home toys are officially allowed to launch today, and that means the (perhaps Hydro-Man induced?) flood is upon us! Hasbro solicited many of their toys overnight (and their Marvel Legends have been put back under embargo for a few more hours), and now it’s Funko’s turn up at bat! The Funko Spider-Man Far From Home POP Vinyls and Mystery Minis are now up for order, including Mysterio, Hydro-Man, Molten Man and more! And if you love exclusives, don’t worry–the King of Exclusive has plenty of those lined up as well…

Funko Spider-Man Far From Home POP Vinyls and Mystery MinisWhile Funko was able to show off three versions of Spidey himself (and surprisingly, Happy Hogan) at New York Toy Fair 2019, they weren’t allowed to officially reveal any of the POP Far From Home movie villains… until today! There are three villains in the movie, and to the surprise of nobody, Funko is ready to stake their claim from your wallets with multiple versions of all three of them!

But Funko pulls no punches when it comes to variants, so not only will Mysterio, Hydro-Man and Molten Man be getting their own POPs and Mystery Minis–there are exclusive variants on the way for every single one of them!

Spider-Man Far From Home Mystery Minis Funko FiguresThere are 12 blind boxes included in each Spider-Man Far From Home Mystery Minis cases, and also 12 different figures available, so for those who just want to complete the plain jane assortment for the movie, they can easily do so by buying the case straight-up, without having to worry about drawing bloxes and getting duplicates at retail.

There are three figures only available in the “regular” cases: Unmasked Stealth Suit Spider-Man, non-variant Mysterio and non-variant Hydro-Man. I think most folks will be satisfied with the non-exclusive cases of this particular series, since they include every character.

Funko Far From Home Spider-Man Mystery Minis Walmart Exclusives…But for those who just can’t live life without crouching Spider-Man, unmasked Mysterio or Glow-in-the-Dark Hydro-Man Mystery Minis, Wal-Mart will be adding those blind boxed figures into their mix, which also includes 9 figures from the standard cases:

  • Ned/Ganke
  • Mary Jane (Zendaya) in a Dress
  • Mary Jane with a Mace
  • Nick Fury
  • Molten Man
  • Spider-Man Web-Shooting
  • Spider-Man Gesturing
  • Stealth Suit Spider-Man
  • Nick Fury

Funko Gamestop Exclusive Mystery Minis for Spider-Man Far From HomeThose same nine figures will also reappear in the GameStop Far From Home Mystery Minis case packs, along with three exclusives all their own: Mysterio with triangular effects pieces, Stealth Suit Spider-Mna with goggles up, and Glow-in-the-Dark Molten Man.

Funko Glow in the Dark Molten Man POP Vinyl Gamestop ExclusiveFor those who prefer their vinyl figures to be in the standard POP Vinyls size and/or hate pulling blind boxes, don’t worry: Funko has you covered with GITD variants of all three main villains available as limited store exclusives. GameStop will have the Glow-in-the-Dark Molten Man POP…

Funko Glow in the Dark Hydro Man POP Barnes and Noble ExclusiveBarnes and Noble (surprisingly enough) will have the Glow-in-the-Dark Hydro-Man exclusive POP (which it looks like only the eyes may light up on–it’s hard to say from the official promo image)…

Walmart Exclusive Mysterio POP Glow in the Dark Funko FigureAnd finally, we’ll be getting not one, but two exclusive store variants of the master of illusions, Mysterio himself. The obligatory Glow-in-the-Dark Mysterio POP Vinyl will be a Walmart exclusive (try to suppress those groans, though I know Walmart exclusives tend to be a major pain to find for many collectors), along with a Hot Topic Exclusive Unmasked Mysterio POP Vinyls figure.

It hasn’t been officially stated by Hot Topic yet, but I would expect to see the POP Unmasked Mysterio exclusive up for order online as early as midnight tonight. Stay tuned!

Funko Spider-Man POP Vinyls Far From Home Movie Mary Jane Happy HoganThese are all in addition to the five POP Vinyl Far From Home figures that debuted at the 2019 Toy Fair in February: Mary Jane, Happy Hogan, Stealth Suit Spidey, and Spidey in both his red-and-blue and red-and-black costumes.

Hot Topic Exclusive Mysterio Unmasked Funko POP Vinyls FigureThe non-exclusive Funko Spider-Man Far From Home POP Vinyls and Mystery Minis are now up for order, and are scheduled to ship out within the next few weeks as retailers receive their stock of the assortment. None of the exclusives have launched for POs just yet, but I’ll post links to order each exclusive here and to the Marvel Toy News Facebook, Twitter and Instragram pages as they go up for sale.

Now that the whole series has been revealed, what are your feelings about the selections, Funko fans? Are there any characters you’re disappointed to see absent from the POP Vinyls or Mystery Minis lineup? Is anybody out their pining away for a POP of Ned, or are you content with the selections that were made in the assortments?

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