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Funko POP Avengers Endgame Movie Figures! Exclusives! Cards!

Funko is the perennial king of exclusives, with more exclusive figures released in the past decade as part of the POP Vinyls series than any other figure line has ever had. But for the Avengers Endgame POPs, Funko has actually found something new that even they have never done before: a way to make exclusives out of every one of the 11 non-exclusive POP figures in the series: the EE Exclusive Funko POP Avengers Endgame figures with Collector Cards are now up for order!

EE Exclusive Funko POP Endgame FiguresIt was only a matter of time until Funko figured out how to do it, and at long last they’ve finally achieved what many collectors might have thought unthinkable: exclusive versions of every Avengers Endgame POP Vinyls non-exclusive figure are now available for order from EE! Yes, you heard that right: every mass-release figure in the first wave of the Endgame movie series now has a limited, exclusive counterpart.

How did Funko manage to pull off this particular feat? Simple: by including something extra inside the box of every figure without altering the actual toy at all! So rather than being any kind of exclusive paint variant, what makes these figures exclusive is the fact that they each include a sealed 3-pack of randomly chosen collectible cards (no, really).

EE Exclusive Funko POP Captain America Endgame Figure with Trading Cards PackThere are 16 different cards in the set, and you’d get 33 cards if you purchased each figure in this “exclusive” wave, so theoretically the odds are strong of being able to complete a trading card set just be purchasing the whole set of figures in this new Avengers 4 movie series.

Funko POP Avengers Endgame Nebula Figure EE ExclusiveThis is a strange concept, but with Entertainment Earth already having these figures on-hand and ready to ship, I could certainly see these “exclusives” selling out before many shelves even put the mass-release figures out onto the shelves.

Avengers Endgame Funko POP Vinyls Exclusive Hulk Movie FigureThe 11 mass-release Funko POP Avengers Endgame figures getting EE Exclusive versions with trading cards are as follows:

  • Captain America
  • Hulk
  • Tony Stark (Iron Man)
  • Captain Marvel
  • Thanos
  • War Machine
  • Ant-Man
  • Hawkeye (Ronin Unmasked)
  • Nebula
  • Black Widow
  • Thor

Walmart Exclusive Funko POP Endgame Rocket Raccoon FigureIn addition to these rather questionable “exclusives”, there are quite a few actual store exclusives coming our way this spring, including the Walmart Exclusive Rocket Raccoon and Ronin (masked) Endgame POP Vinyls. Rocket Raccoon in his Quantum Realm costume being a limited store exclusive is rather shocking to me, and definitely makes me wonder if there are some shenanigans coming with Rocket in the movie.

Funko POP Ronin Figure Walmart Exclusive VinylsWalmart getting the masked Ronin POP also comes as a bit of a head-scratcher, although Ronin secrely being Hawkeye is perhaps the worst-kept secret in the entire MCU.The masked version of Ronin looks “fine”, but I actually think I prefer the unmasked variant in this venue. Good call with the variant choice.

Target Exclusive 10 Inch Thanos Funko POP Vinyls Figure EndgameTarget will have a Super-Sized 10″ Armored Thanos POP. These humongous $29.99 POPs have started to stack up and sell slowly at many collectors’ Targets, and I think we may see the end of the 10″ range sometime soon. As the big-bad of the whole first 3 phases of the MCU, I think it’s appropriate that we get a larger-than-life Thanos figure, though.

Box Lunch Exclusive Endgame Iron Man POP Vinyls FigureHere’s a hard-to-believe fact: there’s no non-exclusive armored-up Iron Man in the Avengers Endgame POP Series! Crazy, right…? Luckily, we’ll see a red and gold Iron Man as a Box Lunch exclusive. Will this be the final “new” MCU Iron Man POP that we ever get…?

Hot Topic Exclusive Endgame Captain America POP Vinyls FigureMeanwhile, Hot Topic may be getting the “final” costumed POP Captain America figure, which puts Cap into his iconic red-white-blue gear and eschews the Quantum Realm armor we see on the other figures in this series.

Quantum Realm War Machine Funko POP Vinyls Figure Amazon Exclusive But wait–that’s not all! That Quantum Realm looks to be a pivotal plot-point in Avengers 4, and we’ll be getting Quantum Suits for virtually every member of the team.

Walgreens Exclusive Funko Endgame Hawkeye Pop Vinyl FigureAmazon will have a Quantum Realm War Machine POP Vinyl, while Walgreens gets the Quantum Suit Hawkeye.

Gamestop Exclusive Endgame Hulk POP Vinyl FigureLast–and okay, probably least–we’ve got a straight-up repaint of the POP Hulk figure: this time with as a Gamestop exclusive with slightly different secondary colors. I’m perfectly content with the other version of this figure, but perhaps we’ll discover that the lavender will somehow be meaningful in the movie.

What do you think of the creative way that Funko has managed to create 11 faux-variant figures as part of this movie series? Is anyone opting for the EE versions with random trading cards, or are you just as happy with the plain-jane normal releases for those figures? And for that matter, which Funko Avengers Endgame POPs are you planning to scoop up–exclusive or otherwise?

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