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Four Horsemen Studios G-Con 2019 goes live tomorrow – Friday, July 26th, from 11:00am EST to 4:00pm EST.

Short, live interview segments with creators, fans and friends connected to Four Horsemen Studios and Mythic Legions throughout the day.

Live Mythic Legions test shot giveaways every half hour, beginning at 11am EST. If your name is called you must email us your name, address, your Instagram/Facebook username and the name of the test shot you won in order for us to mail you your prize.

Live reveals for the newest Mythic Legions pre-order every half hour, beginning at 11am-ish EST.

The launch of the new Mythic Legions pre-order – wave title to be announced during the show – begins at 4:00pm EST on, and will run for approximately two months (specific end date to be announced).

At some random point during the event, a Mythic Legions: Ogre Legion Builder test shot will be given to one lucky winner!! You have to be viewing at the time of the giveaway, and email us your name, shipping address and your Instagram/Facebookusername along with a note telling us that you were the winner of the Ogre Legion Builder test shot in order for us to send you your prize.

To watch all of the madness ensue, just tune in to either of the Four Horsemen Studios live feeds on Facebook Live ( on Instagram Live (@four_horsemen_studios) at 11:00am EST, July 26th 2019. We may also make an attempt to live stream on Twitch (@cornboymayse66), but we’ll see how that goes.