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Five Great Places to Get Unique, Budget-Friendly Christmas Gifts


Are you tired of giving the same old commercialized brand name gifts to friends and family? Are you looking for something unique and personalized to give this year? On a budget and trying to be creative? Here are five great places to help you get started on your quest!

#1 Etsy – Etsy is a website that sells vintage items along with handmade items. There are some real artisans here. You can find everything from home goods to beautiful pieces of art and jewelry on Etsy.

It works much like eBay in that each seller has their own store. Etsy takes PayPal, which makes paying for your purchases quick and easy. And you can contact the artist or seller to ask questions. One of the wonderful things about Etsy, besides the variety of products you can purchase, is the unique nature. Many items are one of a kind items that you just cannot get anywhere else.

Additionally, there’s something satisfying about helping small business owners and artists make a living. The Etsy website is

#2 Foodzie – If you love food or the person you’re buying for is a real foodie, consider visiting Foodzie. Much like Etsy, Foodzie is a website set up to help chefs, bakers and food artists from around the world sell their wares.

You can buy anything from kicking hot salsa to amazing cookies and baked goods. Candies, cheese, meats and just about everything under the sun is available at Foodzie. It’s a great place to try new food and to buy unique gifts at a low cost.

You may want to try the food before you give it as a gift to make sure it’s what you’re looking for. You can also read reviews posted about the sellers to help minimize risk. Like Etsy you can pay via PayPal.

Consider using Foodzie to create one of a kind gift baskets. The website is

#3 Ebay – If your recipient loves vintage, consider shopping on eBay for their holiday gift. Many of eBay’s items are auctions; however, there are also some great buy it now offers. Antiques, vintage jewelry, and even photographs and movie posters can be found online at eBay. It’s a fun place to do your holiday shopping.

#4 Charities – Every year more and more charities are promoting themselves as a gift giving option. You can donate in your recipient’s name to anything from the Red Cross to buying a cow in Africa to feed a family. You can help children learn, deliver water to families in drought-ridden areas or help the homeless. It’s a kind and rewarding gift.

#5 Your local gift shop – Finally, don’t forget to wander the shopping district in your own home town. Local small gift shops are jam-packed with unique gift ideas and again, it’s just plain fun to support local small business owners.

There’s no end to the unique gifts you can give to your friends and family. Check out these five ideas today and get started on what may be the best holiday yet.