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FIRST LOOK: WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing The Animated Series Faction Pack – Klingons

-Scott Rubin

Hey Star Trek fans, welcome back to Attack Wing coverage on!  It’s been a little while since the last releases, but now WizKids is back with not one but two awesome faction packs on the horizon.  Arriving late this summer are the Animated Series and Resistance Is Futile Borg Faction Packs!  Starting today we’re going to have a series of Attack Wing previews for you this week and next, so make sure to check back early and often to see all of the great content.  This week we’re going to look at upcoming ships, captains, upgrades, and missions included in the Star Trek Attack Wing The Animated Series Faction Pack starting with today’s sneak peek at the Klingons!


IKS Devisor

The mainstay of the Klingon fleet in the 23rd century was the powerful D7 class battle cruiser, and its appearances in Star Trek: The Original Series are legendary.  That ship also showed up in the Animated Series, and this Faction Pack includes not one but two unique vessels of its type.  First up is the I.K.S. Devisor, under the command of Captain Koloth.  This Klingon vessel costs only 14 points with a 3 primary weapon, 1 agility, 3 hull, and 2 shields.  Not all D7s were equipped with cloaking devices, and so this one has Evade, Battle Stations, and Target Lock in its action bar.  Meanwhile, this aggressive ship can carry one Crew, one Tech, and one Weapon upgrade, and its unique ability adds a critical damage when attacking an enemy that performed a 3 or greater maneuver that round!

IKS Klothos

That’s not the only Klingon D7 in the pack, either.  Also included is Kor’s ship, the I.K.S. Klothos!  While it has the same stats as the Devisor, this vessel costs 16 points and has two major differences.  First off, it trades in the Battle Stations action for Cloak and Sensor Echo.  And then there’s its unique ability, which gives it +1 attack die when attacking while Cloaked AND when not in the primary firing arc of the enemy it’s attacking you can turn one Battle Stations die result into a critical damage and all the rest into hits!  Maneuvering is key to pulling off that second ability, but the first one will come in handy no matter what.


You can’t have the Klothos without its daring captain, and joining it in this faction pack is none other than Kor himself.  The Dahar master is an 8 skill captain costing 5 points and unlocks an Elite Talent upgrade slot for a ship on which he’s equipped.  As befits a Klingon captain his special ability happens when attacking; if his vessel is cloaked, drop two Time tokens to activate.  First off, the attack happens at +1 die, AND its Cloak token is not flipped!  Even better, if Kor is on a Klingon ship (which he should be!) you get to add a free standard hit to whatever you roll.


When looking for upgrades for Kor, you can’t go wrong with Kali, a Crew card based on the character who appeared in the animated episode “The Time Trap.”  She is a 3 point Klingon upgrade with a single use; discard her card to look at the face down damage cards next to a point-blank enemy vessel and flip one of them face up.  Any effects on it happen immediately!

Magnetic Pulse

Last but not least, Klingons in the Animated Series Faction Pack can equip the Magnetic Pulse Weapon upgrade.  It costs 5 points, is one per ship, and fires from a vessel’s Primary arc at range 2-3.  To use it, you must disable one Active Shield on your own ship, and the weapon’s Attack Value is equal to the ship’s printed Primary Attack Value.  Now, that doesn’t sound very worthwhile, but there’s a further special ability.  When fired from a D7 you roll +2 Attack dice, and any critical damage results that would hit a shield instead turn into regular hits on the enemy’s hull!

That’s just some of the awesome Klingon content coming your way in the upcoming Star Trek Attack Wing The Animated Series Faction Pack, releasing later this summer.  Want more?  Stay tuned for more previews this week. 

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-Scott Rubin

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