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FIRST LOOK: WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing The Animated Series Faction Pack – Federation & Independent

-Scott Rubin

We’re back with another exclusive look at some upcoming content from Star Trek Attack Wing The Animated Series Faction Pack from WizKids Games.  Last time we showed off some ships, a captain, and a couple upgrades for the Klingon faction, but today we set our sights on the Federation and beyond!  Let’s take a look at a few new cards for this fun set coming out later this summer.

Mr Spock

It’s good to see the classic crew on hand, and today we’ve got your first look at Mr. Spock in his role as a Crew upgrade.  He costs 4 points and activates in the Combat phase when you discard this card and spend a Scan token from his ship.  Once you’ve done that, Spock makes it so that his ship’s attacks cannot be prevented or cancelled that round!


Spock is joined on the Enterprise by another one of her alien crewmembers, the communications officer stand in for Uhura M’ress.  A feline Caitian, M’ress only appeared on the Animated Series, comics, and in novels.  In play M’ress is a 3 point Crew upgrade with a very straightforward ability: when her ship is assigned a Battle Stations token you can remove a Disabled token from a Crew upgrade on the same vessel!  It’s a pretty handy passive mechanic for Federation ships, especially if you’re running her with other upgrades that generate Battle Stations tokens.

Full Power Phaser Barrage

Sometimes the Enterprise (or other ship) needs a boost in firepower, and that’s when you’re going to want the Full Power Phaser Barrage equipped.  It’s a new Federation Weapon upgrade that costs 5 points, uses the Attack Value of the ship’s Primary Attack, and can be unleashed at an enemy at range 2-3.  It takes some effort to pull off; place three Time Tokens on the card and an Auxiliary Power token by your ship.  Similar to the Magnetic Pulse on D7 ships (see our First Look from Monday), when the Barrage is equipped to a Constitution class ship its full potential is unlocked.  For this attack roll +2 attack dice; in addition, during the Deal Damage step if at least two hits or crits are going through you can then roll an extra 3 attack dice and add on the damage!

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

And then there’s Mudd!  By that, of course, we mean Harcourt Fenton Mudd, the con man and bane of many.  He’s popped up in several series, and in the animated one he famously sold fake (and harmful) love potion crystals to a planet’s population, bringing him into conflict with the Enterprise.  Mudd is a 3 point Independent Crew upgrade that doesn’t force you to pay a penalty for playing him on a different faction ship.  His ability is straightforward, though mysterious at this time; during the Planning phase you can disable him to apply a Love Crystal Token to two Crew upgrades on an enemy ship at range 1.  What do the Love Crystal Tokens do?  We don’t know yet!  I’m guessing it ties them up, preventing them from using abilities but letting their player try to roll out of the effect?

That’s it for our look at Federation (and Mudd) upgrades from the upcoming Star Trek Attack Wing The Animated Series Faction Pack.  But we’re not done with our exclusive previews; stay tuned for more from this set and then cards from the Borg Faction Pack (both releasing later this summer)!

New to Star Trek Attack Wing and want more information?  Head over to for the lowdown!

-Scott Rubin

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