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FIRST LOOK: WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing Borg Faction Pack

-Scott Rubin

We’re still going strong with our Star Trek Attack Wing Borg Faction Pack previews, having checked in with some cool Federation/Borg content on Monday.  Today we’re getting into the heart (if you can call it that) of the Borg faction with the Queen herself and some of her minions and tech!   Let’s get right to it.

Borg Queen

While the Borg are generally composed of drones, there are rare higher caste members, none more powerful and scary than the Queen.  The Borg Queen is highly intelligent, manipulative, deceitful, and ambitious, and can control the entirety of the Borg war machine.  The Queen has made several appearances in Attack Wing before, and while this new one is not the most expensive, she may be the most powerful.  She costs 5 points, enables her ship to equip an Elite Talent upgrade, and starts the game with a massive 9 Drone tokens (equating to Captain skill 9).  Furthermore, the Borg Queen has access to the abilities of all other Captains utilizing Drone tokens in her fleet!  This gives you a big degree of flexibility and options for building your Borg fleets.

Scout 609

While the big Cubes (and to a lesser extent the Spheres) get most of the glory, another workhorse in any Borg fleet is the modest Scout Cube.  The Borg Faction Pack includes Scout 609, and thanks to the revamped rules it got a nice point decrease.  Previous generic Cubes were 22 points and named vessels 24, but this new one is only 22 points with the same stats and a special ability.  209 has Primary Attack value 3, Agility 3, Hull 2, and 4 Shields making it very well-rounded.  It has the standard Borg Action Bar (Evade, Target Lock, Scan, Regenerate) and can equip one Crew, Tech, Weapon, and Borg upgrade each.  This is definitely a team player Scout; give it an action to repair 1 Hull and 1 Shield on a nearby ally!

Three of Nine

You can’t have Borg ships without drones, and we’ve got two to reveal today starting with the repair expert Three of Nine.  He’s an expensive Crew upgrade at 5 points, but he greatly increases his ship’s healing capabilities.  A normal use of Regeneration repairs 1 Hull, and prevents the vessel from making an attack that round.  However, when Three of Nine is on board a ship that performs Regenerate it repairs 1 Hull and 1 Shield, AND it can still attack!


Seven of Nine

Arguably the most famous Borg is the drone that became a member of Voyager’s crew, Seven of Nine.  She, too, has appeared in Star Trek Attack Wing before, in both Federation and Borg variations.  She returns here as pure Borg, a 2 point Crew upgrade that’s essentially a tech hoarder.  When she’s on a ship it can equip an additional Borg upgrade and all such upgrades are purchased at -1 SP!  This will be especially beneficial on any big ship that’s already carrying multiple Borg upgrades like the new Sphere 634 in this pack.


Distribution Nodes

Speaking of Borg upgrades, let’s check out the Distribution Nodes!  An inexpensive 1 point Borg upgrade, this piece of tech is straightforward and highly tactical: in the Activation phase a ship with it installed can heal 1 Hull at the cost of applying 1 damage to an ally at point blank range.  Will the cost be worth the benefit?  Probably, if you’re healing up a big vessel at the expense of small Scouts.  Keep in mind the dizzying array of upgrades out there that you can mix and match for new strategies (like running Three of Nine above on a Scout that’s being used as a Distribution Node healing battery for a bigger flagship).

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this look at some Borg menaces coming to the tabletop late this summer in the Star Trek Attack Wing Borg Faction Pack!  Don’t forget, we’ve got one more preview coming on Friday!

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-Scott Rubin

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