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FIRST LOOK: WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing Borg Faction Pack – Mission

-Scott Rubin

We’ve come to the end of our exclusive Star Trek Attack Wing previews, having featured both of this summer’s upcoming new releases: the Animated Series Faction Pack and the Borg Faction pack.  Today we’re going to take a look at the unique mission from the latter, giving you a new way to play with an interesting narrative twist.  Let’s check out the Uneasy Alliance (Part 1) from the Star Trek Attack Wing Borg Faction pack!

Uneasy Alliance Mission Part 1 Card 1

Continuing the trend we see on all Star Trek Attack Wing missions, two double-sided cards explain all the details of the Uneasy Alliance (Part 1) experience.  Card #1 is the Mission Overview, giving you the number of players (2) and the special components involved (1 Planet Token, 6 Objective Tokens, and 12 Mission Tokens).  The description explains that both Borg and Federation fleets are racing to investigate an anomalous reading on a distant planet.

Uneasy Alliance Mission Part 1 Card 2

The Set Up card includes a diagram of the battlefield along with instructions for fleet building.  The interesting thing right off the bat is both players are to field a 100 SP fleet, each with exactly one Federation ship and one Borg ship!  The rest of the card text explains where to put all of the different elements with the planet toward one side (and both Borg ships orbiting it) and the Federation ships starting in a far corner.

Uneasy Alliance Mission Part 1 Card 3

Special Rules begin on Card 3, and there are several.  There are bonus abilities ships gain when within range of Objective Tokens and the Planet Token, and these continue on to Card 4.  There too you’ll find the mission’s Objectives: the player who ends up with the most Mission Tokens wins, or the player who destroys all of his or her opponent’s ships!

Uneasy Alliance Mission Part 1 Card 4

We hope you’ve enjoyed your look at the Uneasy Alliance (Part 1) mission, as well as all of the other cards we’ve revealed from the Animated Series and Borg Faction Packs coming later this summer!

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-Scott Rubin

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