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@FiguresToyCo Announce Batman and the Outsiders

Figures Toy Company is expanding their 8″ retro line to include Batman and the Outisiders.  The announcement was posted yesterday on their social media channels:

When the Justice League couldn’t get the job done, the Caped Crusader rallied together a new group of heroes to battle the forces of evil. Based on the popular DC Comics series, Figures Toy Company is proud to announce the first ever toy line to focus on Batman and The Outsiders! An all new Batman retro figure (featuring a new head sculpt) leads the latest retro series from FTC into battle, while Black Lightning, Katana, Halo, Geo-Force, Metamorpho, and Looker getting their debut figures in FTC’s World’s Greatest Heroes lineup! This is a can’t miss collection of characters, so be sure to follow Figures Toy Company on social media and visit to see when Batman and The Outsiders will arrive!