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Exclusive Marvel Legends Doctor Doom Infamous Iron Man Figure Photos!

Fans have been clamoring for a new Marvel Legends Doctor Doom figure for over half a decade now, and by George, they’re going to get him! Hotly rumored in the run-up to New York Toy Fair 2019 and then announced at the show, an all-new Victor Von Doom is upon us as a Walgreens Exclusive this spring—although not necessarily the version most fans expected. The Marvel Legends Infamous Iron Man Doctor Doom is coming our way in just a few months—and Hasbro has now revealed the official photos of him!

Avengers Marvel Legends Doctor Doom Infamous Iron Man Figure PackagedSome are going to call it a bait and switch, but when Hasbro debuted the All-New All-Different Iron Man mold at HasCon 2017, the writing was on the wall that we would absolutely be seeing that armor tooling reused for an Infamous Iron Man Doom figure in the future.

And almost two years later, the future is now—Marvel Legends Doom Iron Man is coming to Walgreens stores at some point in the next few months! Hasbro revealed official photos of him today, which gives us our first look at the complete load-out of accessories for the figure (as not all of them were displayed at the 2019 Toy Fair).

Marvel Legends Infamous Iron Man Doctor Doom Figures and AccessoriesWe get a generous 9-10 accessories with Infamous Iron Man Dr. Doom (depending upon if you count his cloak as an accessory or part of the costume), which is a really solid amount compared to what most mass release Legends figures come with this year. [Since Hasbro only posted two official photos of Doom today, I’ve supplemented this article with photos of the figure that I took during New York Toy Fair 2019 last month.]

Toy Fair 2019 Hasbro Marvel Legends Infamous Iron Man Doctor Doom 6"The highlight for me is the two pairs of translucent pink energy effects (two “electrical” effects and two “repulsor” effects). This is canonically accurate color-wise, although I know many fans might have preferred blue effects such as those that appeared on many covers for this character. I think the pink really stands out, though—I dig it.

Marvel Legends Iron Man Doctor Doom Figure Toy FairAlong with two pairs of interchangeable hands (fists and open hands), we also get a “handsome” Victor von Doom alternate head. Doom’s unscarred face was a major plot element for this version of the character, so I feel pretty great about Hasbro giving us this extra handsome Doom head (even if I’m not likely to ever display it).

Toy Fair Infamous Iron Man Marvel Legends Doctor Doom FigureThe Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Infamous Iron Man will be available online and in Walgreens stores this spring, although there’s no more specific timetable available for him just yet. I’ll post an update once he’s been spotted for sale both internationally and domestically, although I suspect it’ll be at least a month before we see him in the United States.

I know this version of Doom got a chilly reception when it was announced at NY Toy Fair 2019, but now that you’ve seen him packaged and with all his accessories, has Infamous Iron Man grown on you, Marvel Legends collectors? Will you be scooping this iteration up this year while we wait for the inevitable classic Dr. Doom that we all know must be coming someday?

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