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Disney Animation, Katamari & More in November’s Loot Wear!

Buddy up with this month’s exclusive Loot Wear: GOOD COMPANY!


Los Angeles, CA (October 22, 2020) – Celebrate the joys of friendship with November’s exciting “Good Company” themed line of Loot Wear! The November Loot Wear line features exclusive apparel from your favorite films and shows including E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon, “Voltron” and more.


Our Loot Wearable line includes an exclusive E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Jacket:


Loot For Her is an exclusive Big Hero 6 Cardigan:



Loot Tees celebrates with an exclusive How to Train Your Dragon T-shirt:



This month’s Good Company themed Loot Socks feature exclusive “Voltron” and Minions socks:


Loot Undies covers you up with an exclusive pair of Katamari Damacy Undies:



The Good Company themed line of Loot Wear starts at $9.99 plus shipping and handling. Pick and choose your favorite clothing items or order one of each! Supplies are limited, so order by November 19 at 9:00pm PST.

You’re in good company when you subscribe to Loot Wear!


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