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Diener Space Creatures XL: Veined Cranium Creature

Vinyl toys licensed from the original alien mini figures!


Diener Space Creatures XL is back with the Veined Cranium Creature!

Licensed from the original eraser alien toys, this XL series celebrates some of the most iconic mini figures by revisiting them in a larger scale: four times in size! The “Veined Cranium Creature” is the second in the lineup to receive the XL treatment and is available on Kickstarter in green, yellow, and pink that match the colors of the erasers.  It is 8.5 inches tall and 7 inches wide.


Funds raised in this Kickstarter campaign will go toward all aspects of production from prototyping and molding to packaging and shipping. Continuing the XL series from Last Resort Toys, Diener Space Creatures XL are scaled and sculpted by hand, maintaining and accentuating all the details and characteristics of the original toys. The final product will be a vibrantly colored, high-quality vinyl. Take a look at some of the details and comparisons to the mini figures:

 Additionally, the Winged Amphibian Creature will make its pink debut right here!

The pink Winged Amphibian Creature can be added to any reward simply by increasing your pledge by $90 ($85 + $5 additional shipping). There will be a space for you to make note of any add-ons on the reward survey at the conclusion of the campaign.

Here are the available reward tiers: