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DesignerCon Returns in 2021 with In-Person Show: The Largest Art & Toy Convention in the US Releases Dates

ANAHEIM, Calif., March 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — After a convention made possible by innovative virtual programming, DesignerCon is thrilled to announce their return to an in-person model in 2021! From November 12th-14th the largest Art and Toy convention in the United States is back at the Anaheim Convention center.

DesignerCon is so excited to bring the community back together in a safe and conscious way, working closely with the Anaheim Convention Center to ensure compliance with all CDC and Los Angeles county guidelines, ensuring attendees are safe and healthy during their visit. Founder Ben Goretsky is hard at work to make this convention the in-person event you spent all last year dreaming about.


“We are looking forward to bringing the community back together in-person with all your favorite vendors from around the world in the updated ACC facility with new health precautions in place for the attendees and the vendors.”

This year’s convention is not to be missed, with Medicom returning to its only US show, a special project with popular international artist Tristan Eaton, and new show artwork by NFT superstar, Greg Mike.

And the big news doesn’t stop there! DesignerCon is expanding in a major way. Leading up to the in-person convention, DesignerCon will be holding another online event partnered with Popshop Live this summer. Following the online event DesignerCon UK will be held in London in August, and in 2022 look out for DesignerCon China. It’s safe to say 2021 will be a big year for Art and Toy enthusiasts.

About DesignerCon

Founded in 2005 by Ben Goretsky, DesignerCon brings together artists, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the designer toy/ vinyl collectibles market and has grown to incorporate everything in the design world including apparel, plush, printing, sculpture, designer toys, and both fine and urban art. The steady growth DesignerCon has enjoyed correlates with its popularity in today’s art nerd, geek culture; collectors and designer toy lovers alike wait through the night for new releases, pre-orders for new artist collaboration apparel are sold out within minutes, and artists use the convention as an opportunity to announce exclusive releases and collaborations.