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DESIGNER CON 2019: Mythikal Metalheads

Words and photos by Scott Rubin

What do you get when you combine heavy metal and classical mythology?  If you’re illustrator/toy designer Kyle Wlodyga you create a new line of incredible figures known as Mythikal Metalheads!  We were lucky to catch up with Kyle at Designer Con this past weekend in Anaheim, CA to get the scoop, and to check out prototypes of these awesome metalheads.  On display were the mighty punk rock Mikey the Minotaur, wailing Medusa, and shredding The Devil aka Louie, while attendees could get their hands on limited edition merchandise like pins, stickers, and t-shirts from the team at Art School Collective.


Wlodyga, a veteran having worked with Cryptozoic and currently at Super7, put together a collectibles dream team for Mythikal Metalheads including sculptor Sam Greenwell and painter Ana Clark.  The prototypes look great, full of energy and bursting with character.  You can see Kyle’s passion for the two inspirations in the designs, and they’re chock full of small details that really create a fully fleshed out world.  For example (and there are many more), check out the Minotaur’s labyrinthine base, the Devil’s Dimebag Darrell beard, Medusa’s “Vipera” (Latin for viper) jacket and Debbie Harry belt.  There’s even a crumbled fan under Medusa that she turned to stone!


Beyond those specifics the figures just look really cool with unique proportions, fun instruments and rock paraphernalia, tattoos and makeup, and a strong visual style.  I especially dig the musculature and hooves of Mikey contrasted with the Medusa’s sleek and sexy snaky lines.  The 10” scale feels perfect for these guys, with plenty of room for neat sculpted and painted details while still being able to fit in your displays.


Look for Mythikal Metalheads to hit Kickstarter in early 2020, and after that springboard the sky’s the limit.  Kyle has ideas for variants, further waves, all sorts of cool merchandise, and lots more.  Get the scoop on Metalheads news at, and get ready to rock your faces off next year!

Words and photos by Scott Rubin

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