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DC Vertigo presents–Lucifer–available today!

Today, the devil finds himself in a hell of his own creation in LUCIFER from writer Dan Watters and artists Max Fiumara and Sebastian Fiumara!

Available today!


The Sandman Universe introduces LUCIFER, one of the most notorious figures in all of mankind. However, the devil has gone missing. Having embarked on a dangerous journey to find the mother of his abandoned son, the Prince of Lies finds himself imprisoned and crippled by mysterious forces who seek to torment him for their own terrible ends.


Meanwhile: a car has crashed, two witches blind themselves, a tumor speaks its first words, and a perfectly good bowl of oatmeal is left to go cold. How odd…


Stay tuned for next week’s BOOKS OF MAGIC from The Sandman Universe, and a new, original series HEX WIVES coming this Halloween!