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Layaway Now for Holiday Savings


The holidays are just around the corner. If you’re on a tight budget, that news may be enough to make you break a sweat. The holidays can be an expensive time of the year. Many families not only break their budget but actually go into debt to afford gifts. Layaway

Toys That Are Best for Autistic Children

Melissa and Doug's sandwich stacking game

When it comes to buying toys for children with autism, make sure to focus on toys that will stimulate their senses. Because most kids with autism have sensory problems, they have to be introduced to tangible things in a non-threatening way and in such a way that they can understand

Toys for Hearing or Vision Impaired Kids


Kids who have hearing or vision impairment find it more difficult to play some of the same games that other kids play. They also have a hard time when playing with certain toys. There are plenty of games and toys you can invest in that will help kids with impairments to

The Best Toys for Kids with ADD or ADHD

Best Toys for Kids with ADD or ADHD

Kids with ADD or ADHD have a tough time keeping still and concentrating on a specific task. Some of them have a lot of trouble learning new things or accomplishing schoolwork because of this. Investing in some toys for kids with ADD or ADHD can help them work through their attention