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Captain Marvel Collection Arrives at Build-A-Bear

In celebration of the upcoming release of “Captain Marvel”—and just in time for International Women’s Day—both on March 8, Marvel’s most anticipated hero has joined the epic lineup of furry friends at Build-A-Bear Workshop! Guests of Build-A-Bear Workshop stores and can now make their own Captain Marvel Bear, complete with action-packed outfits and a pre-stuffed Goose, to bring with them to the theater to see the movie.

Captain Marvel joins several other popular Marvel characters at Build-A-Bear Workshop. Fans can view the full Marvel collection at

Captain Marvel Bear, $25.50 plus tax

Higher, further, faster! Now you can explore the cosmos with your own Captain Marvel Bear by your side! In between fighting a galactic war between two alien races, Captain Marvel Bear finds lots of time for fun adventures. The world’s mightiest cosmic-powered hero makes her Build-A-Bear debut with gold sparkles on her red fur and the Captain Marvel logo on her paw pad. Soar high by adding action-packed Captain Marvel outfits and a pre-stuffed Goose plush to your furry friend! © 2019 MARVEL

Captain Marvel Bear Gift Set, $51 plus tax

Half space-adventurer and half earth-bound hero, Captain Marvel Bear makes a cosmic-powered companion for movie fans of all ages! This action-packed teddy bear has sparkly red fur and a Captain Marvel graphic on the paw pad. Plus, it comes geared up and ready to fly through space in its Captain Marvel costume and red rubber boots. Get ready to go higher, further and faster than ever before with this epic Captain Marvel Bear gift set! © 2019 MARVEL

7in Pre-Stuffed Goose, $12.50 plus tax

Meet the friendliest and furriest tabby cat in Project Pegasus! Goose is an affectionate orange cat who makes a very loyal companion. This pre-stuffed Goose plush is an adorable addition to any Marvel fan’s collection! © 2019 MARVEL


Captain Marvel Costume, $18 plus tax


Captain Marvel Aviator Jacket, $12.50 plus tax


Captain Marvel Tank Top, $7.50 plus tax