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Buckle Up, Carroll Shelby Bobbleheads Have Arrived

LONG ISLAND, NY (July 23, 2021) – LowSport is honoring the lifetime achievements of legendary racer and automotive designer Carroll Shelby with a new limited-edition keepsake collectible bobblehead, perfect for racing and car enthusiasts.

Born in Leesburg, Texas on January 11, 1923, Carroll Shelby had heart problems from a young age. That did not stop him from pursuing his love for speed, as he became a pilot during World War 2. Once the war ended, Shelby ventured into numerous enterprises before finding his passion as a driver. During the 1950’s he would go on to win “Driver of the Year” by Sports Illustrated twice and won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1959. Unfortunately, his racing career was cut short in 1960 due to his heart condition. He then turned to designing cars and started the Shelby American manufacturing company. They first created the Cobra model with British car manufacturer AC Cars and then teamed up with Ford to create various GT models. Both models experienced success on the racetrack, with the Ford GT40 Mark II coming in first place at the 1966 Le Mans over the dominant Ferrari models. This would ultimately lead to a movie being produced in 2019 about his teams’ historic victory. In the years following his success with Ford, Shelby created a successful brand of chili, designed several car models for Dodge in the 1980s, and created a foundation to provide educational opportunities to children as well as helping children with medical problems. He ultimately passed away at age 89 on May 10, 2012. He is remembered by many for his innovations in automotive designs and his dedication to helping children in need.

The officially licensed bobbleheads of Carroll Shelby are hand-sculpted with Shelby’s famous cowboy hat and logo, 100% hand-painted and packaged in collector boxes. Only 1,969 pcs of the 8” design will be made worldwide, each individually numbered.

Carroll Shelby bobbleheads are available for pre-order for $49.95 online at